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11 Reasons Why You Should Plan an Egypt Trip in 2022

11 Reasons Why You Should Plan an Egypt Trip in 2022

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Is a trip to Egypt on your bucket list in 2022? Do you dream of seeing temples, tombs and pyramids in real life for yourself? Sailing on the Nile, enjoying traditional Egyptian food or seeing the golden mask of death? from King Tutankhamun? This could be your year. Here are 11 reasons why you should consider one of our Egypt vacation packages in 2020. An Egypt Vacation Is Very Affordable One of the biggest concerns about traveling is cost, and of course that always seems to outweigh the more distant destinations thanks to ever-increasing airfares, but when you break it down, Egypt vacations in 2020 are surprisingly affordable and fit for every budget. If you’re seeing Egypt on a budget or planning a luxury Egypt tour, your trip to Egypt can fit your budget; there are a range of accommodations across Egypt and even the most luxurious options are at a fraction of the cost you would have. For example, make a deposit in Paris or New York City.


You can use this to your advantage and save even more money by taking a cheaper route, or indulging in more luxurious accommodation for the same price you would pay for a mid-range option elsewhere. pretty affordable considering everything that’s included. Even the luxury tours are great value for money considering everything that is included in the price. Keep in mind that most Egypt travel packages include everything along the way: accommodation, transportation, meals, entry to temples, tombs, museums, and other sites, and not to mention private professional Egyptologists to guide you – if you really have the time If you have taken to compare these costs with planning and executing yourself, you can discover that Egypt travel packages are even luxury activities, such as a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings in Luxor or diving in the Red Sea, are inexpensive in Egypt. Compared to other places in the world. This is perfect for those who want to cross some of these more adventurous activities off their bucket list. Nefertari and Ramses II at Karnak Temple When it comes to shopping and souvenirs you will be amazed at what you can do, the cast is a huge part of Egyptian culture and although you have to understand that you always pay more than the locals do, you still find great offers.


Things like spices and tea cost a fraction of what they’ll cost at home in Egypt, and you can find great products handcrafted by local artisans of high quality and value at really reasonable prices. An Egyptian cotton scarf instead of one made in China? Another great tip to save money when traveling to Egypt is to book early and travel in the low or low season. Egypt seems (and is to many) an exotic travel destination, but it is really affordable to visit now. So don’t let the cost deter you from visiting Egypt in 2020! Egypt’s warmer climate makes it ideal for year-round travel then you will love Egypt. While locals can pack up in winter, many North Americans love the fact that it doesn’t go below zero.


The winter months are certainly colder (up to 4,550 degrees Fahrenheit in colder areas), but this is perfect for exploring the country’s tombs and temples without getting overheated or dehydrated. Can’t visit in the winter months? Don’t worry, although summers in Egypt can be pretty hot, with a few simple tips and tricks you can still see the best of what Egypt has to offer. One of the best things about a guided tour of Egypt is that your guides really know how to travel most of your time. The best Egypt tour operators have professional guides who have learned how to avoid the worst of the crowds as well as the worst heat of the day. The summer days in Egypt will be hot but their guides will make sure you get up early to see your site in the cooler hours and you can do some extra activities for the late afternoon or early evening after the climax Pick up the sun. also, heat. While the early morning might not be the ideal way to go on a vacation, believe me when I say you will quickly learn to appreciate them. Not only is it cooler, but exploring the tombs and temples before most of the crowds arrive adds a lot to the plus. You can sleep and take a nap in your air-conditioned room in the afternoon when the sun is shining. it’s the hottest.No nap? So this is the perfect time to go to the beach or pool, or just take a seat under a covered market and have a drink.

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