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A Women’s Packing Guide for Egypt Tour

A Women’s Packing Guide for Egypt Tour

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So you’ve created the choice to travel to Egypt. You’ve set the dates and planned your flights. You’ve set-aside the simplest guided  Egypt tours and organized your personal guides to Egypt’s most spectacular sites and attractions. however currently you would like to pack.

this {can be} sometimes wherever the panic sets in.

Packing for Egypt as a girl can be discouraging once you need to form certain you’ll be able to keep as cool as doable whereas still being respectful. a fast google search can offer you one article that says to decorate terribly cautiously and canopy your head while future one can tell you to wear no matter you’re most snug in. which suggests you are left making an attempt to work out what to bring, what to not bring, and if you even have applicable covering or have to be compelled to shopping and buy an entire new wardrobe for your Egypt tour.

Trust me, i purchase the stress. I’ve been there.


exposure Credit: A Travel diary for solo Travellers


But, I’m here currently to require away a great deal of that anxiety and create it very easy for you. You don’t need to go shopping (so save that cash for some nice souvenirs or to place towards another tour), you simply have to be compelled to get a bit bit artistic with what you have got.

Here is my packing guide for girls traveling to Egypt.




once it involves tops, packing for Egypt is pretty simple. There are two main things to stay in mind; no cleavage and canopy your shoulders and midriff. likelihood is that you have a range of tops in your closet that follow these requirements. But, though you own largely sleeveless or low cut tops you’ll be able to still make out with a few of easy tricks and adjustments.

one in every of my favorite travel accessories to bring could be a scarf. There are 1,000,000 and one ways in which they will are available handy, particularly for things like this. Wear it wrapped loosely around your neck to hide lower necklines or, over your shoulders as a scarf to stay your shoulders covered. It’s light-weight to wear, pack, and carry. to not mention a diaphanous scarf is a abundant easier (and cooler!) answer than jackets or sweaters.


Travelers in Queen Hatshepsut Temple


I conjointly advocate transfer longer tops. Remember, you don’t need to be showing a lot of skin thus refrain from packing any crop topnotch. Long tops that cowl your bum even have the additional advantage of having the ability to own a bigger choice of bottoms to settle on from as i will be able to discuss within the next section.


Pants, Capris, Leggings, and Shorts


once it involves bottoms, you have got a great deal of choices. Basically, as long as your knees are covered, you’re good. thus whether or not you select pants or capris, you may feel snug and stay respectful. native ladies wear trousers or skirts; however, I wore capris a few of days with no issues.

The difficult bit involves the tightness of the pants. In North America, ladies tend to wear terribly tight pants love skinny jeans or leggings. whereas these aren’t essentially inappropriate to wear in Egypt, you are doing have to be compelled to take into account however you wear them. For example; longer tunic-style topnotch over skinny jeans are fine. This vogue could be a common fashion among the younger women, particularly in Cairo. That being said, Egypt may be extremely popular thus jeans might not be what you wish to pack. Wide-leg, linen, or light-weight cotton pants (think the elephant style pant that is thus common in Southeast Asia) are going to be more well-off picks to assist you retain cool within the hot weather.


Travelers by the good Pyramids – exposure Credit: Lonely Planet


Skirts and Dresses


Skirts and dresses are a favorite for girls who travel as a result of they will be each comfortable and stylish. I completely advocate transfer a few or skirts or dresses with you for your Egypt vacation, however there are a few concerns you would like to form once selecting which of them you pack or however you style them.

initial off, the longer and looser the better. Short, tight skirts and dresses don’t seem to be a sensible selection for your Egypt tours. Instead, choose flowy designs that, at a minimum, cowl your knees. maxi dresses and skirts are clearly the simplest choices, however you’ll be able to do a few of fast vogue tricks to form your shorter dresses a lot of applicable as well.


one in every of the best things to try and do with shorter dresses that hit on top of the knee or simply at the knee is to combine them with leggings. you continue to get the lovable look of your dress, and maintain the respectful facet of not showing an excessive amount of skin and keeping lined up. Plus, leggings aren’t too significant either thus you won’t get too hot.

like tops, low necklines and clean ought toers should be avoided once possible. an equivalent scarf tricks can for this otherwise you will throw a tee shirt over your dress to form it a lot of modest.

Another issue to stay in mind is that by the ocean and within the desert, it can truly get pretty windy. whereas the breeze is nice, it can whip your skirt around. If you have got a shorter, skirt or dress this can be positively one thing to be cautious of- another excuse why i favor to advocate sporting a combine of light-weight leggings underneath.




In terms of footwear, once packing for Egypt it’s necessary to recollect to be sensible instead of stylish. As I’m certain you’ll be able to make out for yourself, high heeled shoes don’t work o.k. within the sand-covered desert.


Travelers in city Temple


throughout your Egypt guided  tours you may be doing a great deal of walking, thus opt for one thing that’s snug and you can pay all day in. A good, flat, shoe with support and stability is your best pick.

Flip-flops and sandals are ideal for the beach, or perhaps simply walking around your hotel, however not such an honest selection for your Egypt guided  tours. Firstly, they aren’t the simplest for walking, but a lot of importantly, the sand gets very hot and may burn your feet. defend them by sporting closed-toe shoes throughout your Egypt tours.




one in every of the foremost common queries that girls raise once it involves packing for Egypt is whether or not or not they have to hide their hair.

the bulk of native women you meet in Egypt can be sporting a hijab cowling their head and hair. it’s conjointly common to ascertain native Egyptian wearing niqabs that cover the woman’s head, hair, and face aside from the eyes. As a visitor, you’re not needed or pressured to wear either. If you’d prefer to cover your head with a scarf, and a few ladies do, that’s fine. However, you may not be judged or looked down upon for departure your head uncovered throughout your Egypt tours.

Usually, the tourists who favor to cover their hair are those with terribly light, blonde hair. As this can be not a traditional hair colour in Egypt, blonde tourists do tend to urge a great deal of appearance and attention. generally this further attention may be a touch uncomfortable thus covering your hair with a shawl is a simple thanks to facilitate avoid that.


Final concerns


whereas many of us believe it’s necessary to decorate cautiously and with all respect while itinerant Egypt, there’ll be people who disagree. little doubt you may notice feminine travelers wearing a lot of revealing covering as you travel throughout the country. likelihood is that no one will comment aloud on this, once all, Egypt is incredibly safe and welcoming, however these ladies tend to urge a great deal of appearance which will possible leave them feeling uncomfortable. i believe that almost all people will agree that being uncomfortable isn’t however you wish to feel throughout your vacation.

Travellers ought to conjointly note that there are some exceptions. within the resort areas love Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, and Hurghada, that are famed for his or her beaches and watersports, it’s okay to wear shorts or a shirt once down by the beaches and water. That being said, if you’re walking round the cities and going out to dinner, you may {probably|in all probability|most possible} feel more well-off if you cover a touch more.

If you’re unsure of whether or not or not you are dressed fitly then take into account this: would your outfit be allowed into a ecu church? however about in an Asian temple? If you’ll be able to pass that test, then you are likely sensible to go. Remember, on high of the native Egyptian culture being decreased than that of North America, the historic sites and buildings you are visiting throughout your Egypt tours were, right away time, terribly sacred places. Sure, these temples could also be ancient, however, they were once necessary non secular buildings thus dress fitly and be respectful of that.


Human on a even-toed ungulate by the good Pyramids and Sphinx


Another issue to stay in mind is your comfort level. If you’re more well-off fully sleeves, and trousers instead of t-shirts and capris, then choose it. Despite what the fashionistas of Instagram might have you ever believe, it’s a lot of important for you to feel comfortable and confident in your outfit than to be trendy and trendy.

Packing for Egypt as a girl may be daunting, however it’s easier than you think. With some good covering decisions and a couple of simple tricks, it’s easy to make a travel wardrobe for your Egypt tours which will keep you cool and cozy whereas still being culturally appropriate.

able to pack your baggage and book your own Egypt tour to expertise this unbelievable country for yourself? Take a glance at Egyptian deity Tour’s Egypt tour packages giving luxury personal Egypt tours to the simplest sites and attractions in Egypt.

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