Cairo is the biggest city in Africa , the most capital in the world have different civilization ( Pharaonic, Greek and religious “Islamic, Christian and Jewish” and modern civilization )

You can visit in Cairo historical places of cultural and civilization in addition to many activities and trips  .

The city is marked by the traditions and influences of the East and the West, both the ancient and the modern. However, Cairo also reflects Egypt’s growing poverty, and it struggles to cope with problems caused by massive population growth, urban sprawl, and deteriorating infrastructure and public services.

Palces you can visit

  • The Pyramids Of Giza & The Sphinx
  •  The Mosque Of Al Refaie
  • The Open Air Museum Of Memphis
  •  The Pyramids Of Sakkara
  •   The Pyramids Of Dahshur
  • The Pyramid Of Meidum
  • The Citadel Of Saladin
  • The Museum Of Egyptian Antiquities
  • The Old Market Of Khan El-Khalili
  • The Hanging Church
  • The Church Of St. Sergious And Bacchus
  • Sultan Hassan Madrassa And Mosque
  • The Mosque Of Al Hakim
  • The Mosque Of Ahmed ibn Tulun
  • Cairo Tower
  • Entertainment And Night Life In Cairo
  • The Sabil And Kutab Of Abdel Rahman Katkhuda

 You can also enjoy night life in cairo in addatioal to safari

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