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egypt-travel-guide - Marvelous Egypt Travel
2 Days

2 Days Cairo excursion by plane from Sharm

It's a fantastic tour in Cairo the capital of Egypt, you will recognize its ancient Egyptian history in two days starting by the Egyptian museum and pyramids and a romantic…

Absolute Egypt Adventures - Marvelous Egypt Travel
8 Days

Absolute Egypt Adventures

Live the adventure with us, to gain a lot of knowledge of ancient Egyptian history, starting with Cairo which is famous with pyramids and sphinx, passing by the Egyptian museum…

Aswan Absolute Egypt marvelous egypt travel
11 Days

Absolute Egypt

This fantastic tour will takes you to the ancient Egyptian civilization, starting with the beautiful deserts surrounding The Pyramids and Sphinx in Cairo, ending with the amazing sites in Luxor…

desert safari dinner marvelous egypt travel
12 Days

Adventure Egypt

Enjoy the experience with us to gain a lot of information about ancient Egyptian history, (Cairo, Luxor and Aswan) & enjoy in hurghada the amazing weather, water & several types…

Cairo City Tour Citadel Tour marvelous Egypt travel
4 Days

Cairo Highlights

Join us in a small tour in Cairo, take the chance to discover the Ancient Egyptian history mixed with the old Islamic and Coptic history and know the culture of…


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4 days / 3 nights visit to Cairo, Giza and Alexandria with a nile crusie

Enjoy 4 days / 3 nights visit to the Egyptian museum with a nile crusie dinner, Pyramides and Saqqara with Camal ride as well Alexandria wonderful Sea with a chinese dinner.

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Modern Cairo with Nile view - Marvelous Egypt Travel


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Travel to Egypt

Facts about Egypt

The Arab Republic of Egypt is an African country with 80 million inhabitants that is located in the northeast corner of Africa and that borders the west with Libya, to the south with Sudan to the north with the Mediterranean Sea and to the east with the Red Sea and Israel .

In Where to Travel we offer you a series of tips for traveling to Egypt. We inform you of the most important cities, recommendations to make your trip to Egypt and the places that we consider as the most prominent so that you can enjoy your stay in Egypt to the fullest.

En A dónde Viajar te ofrecemos una serie de consejos para viajar a Egipto. Te informamos de las ciudades más importantes, recomendaciones para realizar tu viaje a Egipto y los lugares que consideramos como los más destacados para que puedas disfrutar al máximo de tu estancia en Egipto.

Travel to Egypt

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

The country of monumental temples in the middle of the desert is a temptation. There are less tourists, more space and better prices. Connoisseurs recommend traveling with a concerted tour with travel agencies. It is also possible to go for free, but we recommend that you have to go with a planned itinerary
From the air, Egypt looks like a monumental carpet of sand color, with folds that are actually chains of steep mountains and clean of vegetation. It is the country of desert men who have thrived in a narrow oasis for 5 thousand years, which is lined up on the endless bank of the Nile River.

Cairo does not finish drawing like other cities that reveal their avenues and hamlets when the plane approaches the ground, but in reality the city is camouflaged with the tones of the desert.


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