Blue Hole

is a beautiful place for people fond of scuba diving, free diving, and snorkeling. Here, you will find colorful and exotic types of fish. You might even spot ‘Nemo’ the clownfish swimming around!

Abu Galum

is a calm location you can visit by boat or camel. Located just 20 minutes from the Blue Hole, Abu Galum is great for snorkeling and scuba diving.


While not quite as amazing as the Blue Hole, Laguna is still beautiful. Here, coral reefs are not near the shore, requiring you to swim a little in order to see them. The place is also suitable for people who don’t like water activities. You can go there to relax and enjoy the excellent taste of Bedouin tea.

the Underwater Museum

at the Lighthouse in Dahab. The i-Dive Tribe built a museum underwater, consisting of several artworks statues (including a huge elephant) made by Egyptian hands and representing the culture. Scientists expect that most of the coral reefs worldwide will die within the next 70 years, except those inhibiting the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. This museum serves as a new home for coral reefs.

Ride a camel ,watch dolphins!  ,Light House diving areasand boarding  day trip

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Best Season:All The Time
Popular Location: Blue Hole, Abu Galum, Laguna, the Underwater Museum


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