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Explore the hidden secrets of Old Cairo | Cairo Tourism

Explore the hidden secrets of Old Cairo | Cairo Tourism

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Egypt holds the oldest civilization within the world and its made history has captivated several travelers across the globe.

One explicit a part of Egypt still fascinated North American country till nowadays and it’s recent Cairo. during this area, you’ll be able to study Egypt’s rich Coptic heritage and therefore the Christian community that is that the oldest in the world.

recent Cairo, which is Masr el Qadīma in Egyptian Arabic is the southern part of Cairo, however recent Cairo holds the unbelievable stories about Egypt.

the town was based in 969 cerium and this part of the city has the primary capitals like Fustat, al-Askar and al-Qatta’i. once wandering within the streets of recent Cairo, you’ll be able to admire the remained ruins of the Roman, the unbelievable Fort Babylon, the Roman Catholic site et al. wonders.


The Treasures of Khan el Khalili


recent Cairo is filled with our history, our 1st traditions, and humanity which permit North American country to discover ourselves in today’s society. The beloved Coptic space may be a a {part of} the recent Cairo, wherever you can discover the Egyptian culture, literature, language, religions and writing systems.

The region is full with a chic history as the other part of the recent Cairo.

once walking within the alleyways of recent Cairo, you’ll be able to still feel the presence of ‘set with the exception of the remainder of the world’.

to induce here, the subway from Mar Girgis is that the simplest way to visit the district, except for the brave traveler, driving here is the best because the ride is choked with excitement and moments you’ll bear in mind your entire life.

Egyptian deity Tours can offer you together with your own non-public Egyptian guide and customise a custom tour for you.


The unbelievable Wonders still standing in recent Cairo


The holiday Tour is that the good thanks to get introduced to Egypt 3 religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). The oldest and most vital churches are to be found within the Coptic Area.

Abu Serga and mount Ezra are the early, icon-adorned churches. it’s same that the holy family has found refuge in mount Ezra and baby Moses was found on this site.


Assortment of lovely Egypt


whereas Abu Serga is one in all the oldest churches in Egypt chemical analysis back to the fourth century.

Darb 1718 may be a cultural and Egyptian modern art center located in Fustat. the middle opened in 2008.

The Coptic depository was based in 1908 and it holds the most important assortment of Egyptian Christian artifacts within the world. it’s settled under a mile some way from the Egyptian Museum. 

The Hanging Church is additionally illustrious under the name Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox church. it’s the oldest church in Egypt and it dates back in the third century AD.

Amr Ibn al-Aas is that the oldest place of worship located in Fustat.

once traveling to Egypt, it is necessary to go to recent Cairo wherever the authentic life and Roman ruins are still standing. wherever the locals are the nicest folks you’ll ever meet and where the Egyptian culinary art has not changed, there you’ll be able to see a number of the simplest restaurants in Cairo. 


El Fishawy restaurant  within the Heart of Khan el Khalili


Travelers have the chance to induce introduced to truth face of Christianity and its origins whereas understanding the Islam and its integration at intervals the society. Be hospitable this learning expertise and absorb the maximum amount as you can of the positive energy around you as a result of this trip is a once during a lifetime.

recent Cairo encompasses a thanks to intrigue any curious soul and charm any reluctant heart. the town is spirited and choked with energy and love. wherever else within the world can you get pleasure from seeing totally different religions living aspect by side in harmony.

Mingle with the locals and drink Egyptian tea with older whereas taking part in some games. this can be recent Cairo for you, and welcome to your land, the city of Kings and Queens. cross-check our Egypt luxury tours for more!


Happy Traveling!

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