Golf in Egypt

Golf in Egypt is a hundred year old tradition since the Gezira Sporting Club and the famous Mena House Golf course near the Giza pyramids first opened in the late 1800’s.

By the 1950’s, there were seven world class golf courses in Egypt. Golf declined and most of these courses disappeared with the changing political climate: only Mena House (under renovation), the Alexandria Sporting Club and Gezira survived the changes.

Luckily, golf in Egypt has experienced a tremendous boom over the last decade. All in all, there are 20 top-scale operational golf courses in Egypt’s major cities and European golf competitions have included Egypt among world-class golf destinations.
New real-estate developments located in the suburbs of Cairo or at a close distance from the city host amazing greens, these include the Katameya Dunes Golf Course, the Orange Lakes Golf Club, and the Allegria Golf Course, among others. Moreover, Red Sea and Sinai coastal destinations boast some of the most scenic courses to play at: Red Sea vacationers enjoy paradisiacal surroundings of crystal clear lagoons at El-Gouna Golf Course, whereas others experience what it is like to play golf on a peninsula in the amazing Cascades Golf Resort in Soma Bay.

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