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5-Stars luxury

Evoking the spirits of yore with the relevance of today, Historia exposes the scenery of fluttering and cream linen curtains on an aged wise deck; one with stories to tell and things that have been seen.

Roving throngs of eager and curious tourists marveling in the sensory delight of their surroundings; the majesty of ancient history, the lingering touch of the far-off past, and the undeniable influence of the present.

Historia draws on the element of the legendary boat’s past. Besides, a subtle nod to the roots and heritage of Egyptian culture.

Summoning the sophistication of Agatha Christie’s extensive repertoire of characters, the Historia cruise embraces the life of high-brow society.

You can see the Egyptian-inspired furniture throughout the cruise as a glorious draw to the heritage of the land, with perforated rattan screens to allow an interplay of light and shadow and give a soft, diffuse glow to the surroundings.

A color palette of earth shades grounds the Nile-voyagers, with vivid jewel tones ranging from rubies to lapis to accentuate the connection to the Ancient Egyptian heritage and jewelry making.

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