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How to Choose the Best Nile Cruise in Egypt: Our Tips

How to Choose the Best Nile Cruise in Egypt: Our Tips

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Egyptians had been cruising down the Nile for lots of years, so it makes feel that a Nile River cruise is one of the exceptional approaches to look and discover a number of the pinnacle points of interest and webweb sites that this united states has to provide. However, on account that it’s any such famous manner to tour via Egypt there may be no scarcity of Nile cruise alternatives that can make matters a bit elaborate and complicated for the ones reserving or making plans a Nile cruise for the primary time. Don’t fear aleven though, in this text we’re going to interrupt down the variations in Nile cruises together with the pinnacle matters to search for and don’t forget for whilst it comes time so one can ee-e book your personal Egypt excursion.


What Do You See on a Nile Cruise?


Most Nile cruises tour among Luxor and Aswan, preventing at key factors of hobby alongside the manner which are:




Luxor is domestic to numerous of Egypt’s maximum inspiring and thrilling points of interest. Here you may discover the Valley of Kings, full of the tombs of historical Pharaohs of years past. While a lot of those tombs had been discovered, many nevertheless continue to be hidden in those hills. You’ll additionally see a number of the united states’s exceptional recognised temples: Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.


Additional webweb sites really well worth noting are the Colossi of Memnon, the Valley of the Queens, and numerous museums together with the captivating mummification museum. Luxor is likewise one of the pinnacle locations withinside the global for a warm air balloon trip. See the Nile river and the Valley of the Kings from above because the sunrise breaks, it’s a mystical revel in.


Queen Hatshepsut Temple in Luxor




The temple of Edfu, which is devoted to the god Horus, is one of the pinnacle temples to go to in Egypt for one primary reason: it’s the exceptional preserved temple withinside the united states. Edfu temple controlled to get away harm from the Nile floods and the carvings and hieroglyphics right here had been pretty beneficial to archeologists and Egyptologists in phrases of gaining knowledge of approximately the temple rituals of historical Egypt.


The temple of Edfu is the second one largest temple in Egypt (Karnak being the largest) and took over 2 hundred years to build. Some of the maximum first-rate points of interest in the temple consist of the Nilometer, which changed into used to degree the peak of the Nile to assist expect destiny harvests, the Passage of Victory, which depicts the conflict among Horus and Seth, and the Hypostyle Hall in which you may discover carvings of the substances and recipes had to make one-of-a-kind perfumes.


Kom Ombo


Kom Ombo is only a small forestall, however the temple is genuinely really well worth a go to. It’s an thrilling temple due to the fact it’s miles committed to 2 one-of-a-kind historical Egyptian gods; Horus the falcon god and Sobek the crocodile god. Even aleven though it’s miles one temple, it has of everything: entrances, halls, courts, and sanctuaries.


Another must-see in Kom Ombo is the crocodile museum. Perhaps you noticed the human mummies withinside the museum in Egypt, however right here you may see 22 mummies of crocodiles. You’ll even get to look a few crocodile coffins- wager you haven’t visible one of these earlier than!




Aswan, in southern Egypt, will probable be the begin or quit factor of your Nile cruise relying on which route you pick out to pass. Aswan doesn’t have the huge temples that Luxor does, however it nevertheless has lots to look and do together with the Nubian village, the spice market, and the stunning botanical gardens. From Aswan, you may additionally see the well-known High Dam alongside the temple of Philae which is devoted to Horus, and Elephantine Island which has lots of thrilling historical artefacts.


Aswan is likewise the gateway for one in all Egypt’s maximum staggering and essential historical points of interest: Abu Simbel. Those who need to look this notable webweb page can take a quick flight from Aswan or a three-hour vehicle journey.


Don’t forget, one of the large motives why a Nile cruise is any such amazing manner to look Egypt is due to the scenic cruising. As you byskip via the towns indexed above you’ll be capable of see a number of the monuments and points of interest all lit up withinside the dark. While, all through the day, you’ll byskip stunning Nile vistas in which you may see nearby Egyptian groups and suitable landscapes.


Typical crusing at the Nile in Aswan, Egypt


It is likewise viable to do an extended Nile cruise that begins offevolved in Cairo and results in Aswan, however, those aren’t as famous because of how lengthy they are. Most human beings select the Luxor-Aswan course as it may be carried out in much less than a week, permitting you to spend the relaxation of your Egypt holiday exploring others elements of the united states. That being said, it’s miles an alternative in case you would love to do a 2-week cruise.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Nile Cruise


How Long Do You Want to Cruise for?


One of the primary element you’ll need to decide is how lengthy you need to cruise for. Do you handiest have multiple days? Or do you’ve got got a week? Cruises range in length, despite the fact that pass alongside the identical course.


Some cruises are as quick as four days, three nights however to simply get the exceptional revel in it’s miles advocated which you do at the least five days and four nights. This will provide a far higher Nile cruise revel in and won’t sense as rushed together along with your personal Egyptologist manual.

On the alternative hand, relying at the kind of vacationer you’re, you can need to ensure you don’t cruise for too lengthy. While Nile cruises are a top notch and enjoyable manner to sight-see in Egypt, a few human beings can discover them restricting. In this case, you probable won’t need to ee-e book a cruise this is one week or longer.


Where Do You Want to Start your Nile Cruise?


Nile cruises begin in one in all destinations: Aswan or Luxor. There isn’t anyt any distinction among the cruises relying at the begin place; you’ll forestall on the identical points of interest and points of interest alongside the manner, however, there are a pair of factors really well worth taking into consideration.


When it involves activities in Luxor, quite a few human beings need to do a warm air balloon trip over the Nile and the Valley of Kings. If that is to your listing of factors to do, you’ll have to devise your cruise round this hobby. Since the new air balloon rides take place at dawn you’ll, normally, have sufficient time to do the balloon trip earlier than your cruise begins offevolved. That being said, it’s miles a totally early morning begin so that you might not need to leap from the balloon trip proper into sight-seeing so that you can be the case in case you plan for each at the identical day.


Alternatively, in Aswan, many human beings pick out to do an early morning experience to Abu Simbel temple in southern Egypt which may be reached through both vehicle or plane. Again, that is an early morning hobby that may normally be timed to in shape with the cruise, however this is some thing you’ll need to test together along with your excursion provider.


Philae Temple in Aswan


Other issues are; what route are you getting in and what day of week are you leaving on? If you’re exploring the united states with Egypt tailor made excursions, then they may have this dialogue with you and plan your Nile cruise accordingly.


What Style of Nile Cruise are you Looking for?


There is lots of range in terms of Egyptian Nile cruises. The most inexpensive and maximum simple alternative is one of the felucca boats. While those can be historically charming, don’t anticipate much. You’ll sleep at the deck and, it’s miles essential to note, now no longer all feluccas have bathrooms on board.


Chances are, that’s now no longer pretty what you had in thoughts for a Nile cruise, however there are lots of cruises with personal rooms and right plumbing. Of course, those range as well. Do you need a pinnacle of the road, luxurious cruise with nightly leisure and great dining? Or, are you simply seeking out some thing snug with personal rooms and ordinary inclusions? You’ll discover numerous alternatives to in shape each of those sorts of cruising.


Sonesta St. George Nile Cruise


What is your Budget for a Nile Cruise?


This factor ties in carefully with the phase above. Obviously, the extra simple the cruise the inexpensive the rate. Keep in thoughts aleven though, Egyptian cruises aren’t always on par with those who we’re used to in North America. Not that there may be something incorrect with that (and a few groups and large manufacturers are) however, it’s miles some thing to preserve in thoughts so that you don’t grow to be too surprised.


Remember pricing will also have an effect on your inclusions. Things you’ll need to search for are meals, drinks, air conditioning, and publications. In phrases of publications, you’ll discover alternatives that consist of a collection manual for a big wide variety of human beings or a personal manual for simply you and your party. It is genuinely really well worth your even as to have a personal manual to your Egypt guided excursions.


That being said, Egypt Nile River cruises may be very low-cost. In fact, relying at the kind of cruise you do, an Egyptian Nile cruise would possibly absolutely grow to be costing you much less than in case you had been to go to some of these webweb sites and tour through land. Either manner, one of the exceptional matters approximately including a Nile cruise on your itinerary is that there truely are alternatives for all budgets.


The Best Nile Cruise Ship Companies


When searching at Nile cruise alternatives it may be clean to get crushed with all of the alternatives, specially in terms of Nile cruise deliver groups.

Once you’ve got got the kind of cruise you’re seeking out and a perfect finances in thoughts, you may begin evaluating groups. There are dozens of alternatives, however, to make matters a bit less complicated we’ve decided on a number of the pinnacle choices to your consideration.


High-End Ships


High-quit ships for Nile cruises simply are pinnacle of the road and best for the ones searching into Luxury excursions in Egypt. The cabins are an amazing length and regularly adorned in a contemporary-day however stylish design. Many of those ships function award-triumphing cooks and extra centers along with an onboard health room, rooftop swimming pool, or maybe an onboard spa. Additionally, expert Egyptologist publications for all points of interest and webweb sites alongside the manner are covered withinside the rate of your luxurious Egypt excursion. These ships vary size-wise however have a tendency to have someplace among 30-50 cabins on board.


Sailing down the Nile in luxurious fashion


Some examples of the pinnacle high-quit ships for a luxurious Nile River cruise consist of:

The Sanctuary Sun Boat

Sonesta Star Goddess

Sonesta St. George

Oberoi Zahra

Oberoi Philae

Good Quality however More Affordable Ships


The above-cited ships are stunning, however, might not in shape your finances. That’s good enough aleven though due to the fact there are nevertheless numerous stunning ships so one can provide you an notable Nile Cruise revel in for a extra low-cost rate.


These ships are nevertheless tastefully adorned however might not be as much as pretty the identical general as the ones which can be taken into consideration high-quit. Meals on board have a tendency to be buffet fashion in preference to a l.  a. carte, and even as a few consist of extra functions along with spas, pools, or health centers, they aren’t pretty as common. As with all different Nile cruise ships, expert Egyptologists are covered to manual you via the temples and webweb sites that you’ll go to alongside the manner.


Movenpick Royal Lily Nile Cruise


Some of this accurate first-rate however extra low-cost deliver alternatives consist of the following:

Movenpick Royal Lily

Movenpick Royal Lotus


Amwaj Living Stone


Whatever you make a decision on in phrases of your cruising fashion, you may wager that an Egyptian Nile cruise truely may be the spotlight of your Egypt luxurious holiday.


Are you equipped to Plan Your Egypt Vacation? Here at Marvelous Tours, we satisfaction ourselves in offering the exceptional Egypt excursions to your wishes and interests.  Get in contact with our group right here and allow us to assist you propose your Nile cruise to ensure you get the maximum from your Egypt holiday.

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