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Is Egypt Safe for Americans to Travel to in 2021/2022?

Is Egypt Safe for Americans to Travel to in 2021/2022?

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“I have had a big interest in Egypt for forty years. we tend to needed a visit that allow U.S.A. explore the items I wanted to envision and provides my mate a full immersion into Egyptian culture and history. we tend to electoral to try and do a non-public target-hunting tour. the truth is that while not the private driver and guide we’d have had problem traveling from one finish of the Nile River to the other.


The trip was wonderful. we tend to managed to see all of the things I wanted to see, and my wife additionally got the complete immersion into Egyptian history and culture. The trip was well done and exceeded our expectations. Our because of Egyptian deity Tours for all that your team did on our behalf.”   Donald, Marvelous Tours guest, Gregorian calendar month 2020


It’s simple to envision why such a big amount of individuals list a visit to Egypt in concert of their travel dreams. The majestic sands of the Sahara, the unbelievable temples of Abu Simbel, the enduring design of Nefertari’s tomb, the serene fantastic thing about the Nile – Egypt contains a multitude of splendors that draw people in droves from round the world. The best pyramids alone draw many in awe of tourists year when year.


however events of the past ten years have seen the dimensions of these visiting crowds diminish from their heights within the 2000s. going in succeeding decade offers a natural chance to mirror on the question: however safe is it to trip Egypt?


we tend to get this question heaps at Egyptian deity Tours. In short, Americans and alternative guests will rest easy: yes, Egypt could be a safe country for tourists. and therefore the remainder of the planet appears to agree – when years of middling numbers, touristry in Egypt is steady rising towards its former highs, hosting over nine million sightseers in 2018. The longer answer is price exploring, though, and that we have some assurances to supply all our shoppers who be part of U.S.A. on all of our greatest Egypt tour packages.


Queen Hatshepsut


to start with, it’s vital to grasp simply however crucial a job touristry plays within the economy of recent Egypt.

Tourists flock by the millions to envision the unaltered wonders of the Land of the Pharaohs, conveyance with them an flow of cash for native merchants and institutions. from time to time answerable for over 10% of the nation’s GDP, touristry is of monumental importance to the monetary stability of the Egypt and its citizens.


“Over the years we’ve got traveled to several places, each domestically within the u.  s. and internationally. Egypt is like no alternative place we have ever experienced. I extremely suggest a visit to Egypt organized through Egyptian deity Tours.

I initial contacted Marvelous Tours in late August 2018 for a planned Gregorian calendar month 2019 trip to Egypt. Mahmoud Gebril of Marvelous Tours took my 3 week “pie within the sky” planned Egypt non-public target-hunting traveling itinerary (which enclosed Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan) and turned it into a seamlessly swish once in an exceedingly} period journey in an exotic land. Mahmoud created various recommendations for enhancements to my planned itinerary; i’m therefore very grateful I trustworthy in his judgment primarily based upon his world in-country expertise instead of insistence on an activity / accommodation I happened to possess examine in a travel book or on a website. Mahmoud was even ready to add an activity to our itinerary in middle Oct 2019 simply a few weeks before our Gregorian calendar month second departure.


throughout our travels in Egypt, Mahmoud and his colleagues not solely met my terribly high expectations, however utterly exceeded them! (You haven’t any plan however rare of a factor it’s on behalf of me to mention one thing has “exceeded my expectations”. I ne’er U.S.A.e that phrase.) My mind has been blown. Our guide Khalaf was wonderful. He never lost his patience with me, regardless what percentage times I asked him to elucidate (one additional time!) the distinction between Nefertiti and NerferTARI, or how many times I required to search out a “rest space facility”. Our edifice accommodations went means higher than and on the far side something i’d have organized for us on my own. we tend to were extremely spoiled by the hotels Mahmoud set-aside for us.


Before traveling to Egypt, i assumed mounting within the Great Pyramid and seeing the within of King Tut’s spot would be the highlights of our trip. however the truth of Egypt is most over simply these 2 things. These two things were merely the start line for an courageous journey additional overpoweringly toppingly amazing than we ever might have imagined. I don’t perceive however it absolutely was even potential that every consecutive day of our trip appeared higher than the previous day! I nearly cried once it absolutely was time to come home. we tend to hope to return to Egypt once more some day within the future when the Grand Egyptian depository is totally completed and formally open for traveller visitors.


relating to safety, there was ne’er a time once I felt unsafe, on the other hand we never ventured out on our own while not our guide (ok, perhaps we were a touch nervous to air our own in an exceedingly foreign country wherever we didn’t speak the language). and that i should admit that the chaotic Cairo traffic, the ever-present police/military presence, and therefore the bag x-ray machines / metal detectors were all a touch disconcerting. however in keeping with the Gun Violence Archive mass-shooting reports, there have been twenty seven separate mass shootings across fifteen completely different states within the u.  s. throughout our twenty four days off from home (November second through 25th, 2019), therefore wherever ought to I feel safer? looking at my native Wal-Mart? or being driven through the streets of Cairo, past the various villages between city and urban center, or across the desert from Aswan to Abu Simbel? generally i believe traveling internationally with a non-public driver and guide is that the safest factor I do. Don’t let worry stop you from visiting such a desirable place as Egypt.” Kathy Abell, Egyptian deity Tours Guest, Gregorian calendar month 2019.


Prime Egypt Hotels in 2019


This reality isn’t lost on the Egyptian public. Already wide acknowledged for his or her open and gracious hospitality, Egyptians are keenly awake to the profound role that touristry plays in their continuing prosperity. As a traveler, you’re usually asked wherever you’re from once chatting with residents – nowhere over Egypt are the locals excited to listen to that you’re visiting their country from afar. you’ll have detected stories of some places where foreigners and tourists are treated indifferently or are left feeling unwelcome – most Egyptians would realize this backwards and outright embarrassing. you’ll be able to expect to form fast acquaintances and plenty of friendly little talk.


“I was stunned that I couldn’t find a nasty review on this company. therefore I trustworthy and set-aside my dream visit to Egypt. From the primary time of inquire, Hahmoud was terribly responsive and friendly. He took time to understand what I expected from the trip and planned accordingly. Our guide Khalaf was very knowledgeable and continuously created sure all of our queries we tend tore answered which we had enough time to understand the sites. i’d suggest this company to my family and friends.” Anna, Egyptian deity Tours Guest, Gregorian calendar month 2020


The Egyptian government also dedicates an incredible quantity of resources to making sure that guests will get pleasure from their stick with absolute peace of mind. once traveling on major road routes, or between common destinations close to and far, expect to envision regular checkpoints keeping traffic in order—and individuals safe. Security checkpoints also are stationed at nearly each major attraction you’ll visit, whether or not it’s the venerable Hanging Church or the stately Egyptian Museum. once you’re roaming the tombs within the vale of the Kings in Luxor or gazing at the nice Pyramid of Giza, you’ll do therefore with none worry—popular traveller sites are all tightly monitored, and security forces are a quietly steadfast presence at each.


Happy shoppers with Egyptian deity Tours


You’ll in all probability notice security personnel in most areas wherever individuals roll up teams as a passive safeguard for locals and foreigners alike. You’ll probably additionally notice that there’s very little indication of street crime or danger. apart from keeping your wits regarding you once exploring urban areas equivalent to Cairo – you’re still in an exceedingly big, active city, when all – you’ll get pleasure from the bazaars and markets without care within the world.


Sofitel recent Cataract urban center


“Marvelous Tours organized one among the most effective tours we’ve got been on with my family.  Mahmoud was glorious in designing the right trip taking into consideration our specific needs.  Our guide for the trip, Khalaf, was caring, instructional and simple to be around.  The hotels were nice and had wonderful service. we tend to learned most regarding Egypt and extremely suggest Egyptian deity Tours.” Katherine Springer, Marvelous tours Guest, Gregorian calendar month 2020


Americans particularly might want their own government’s opinions included, and for that we tend to communicate the U.S. Department of State, that evaluates the protection of trip every foreign nation – placing Egypt’s travel safety on constant level as, for example, England. The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of diplomat Affairs lists travel advisories for all countries of the world, ranking them on a scale of 1 to four, from the lenient “Exercise traditional Precautions” up to the declarative “Do Not Travel.” a couple of third of the globe’s nations be the second class of “Exercise enhanced Caution” – most usually because of having suffered from unfortunate incidents of coercion or having isolated areas of unrest. aboard fifty seven alternative countries like France, The Bahamas, Germany, and England, this level two designation is that the rating that Egypt receives for its general travel safety.


(To maintain thus far on Egypt’s Travel consultive standing with the U.S. Department of State, please check the web site at:



Queen Hatshepsut Temple in city


Like several other countries, abunda


nt of Egypt’s cautionary parts are because of isolated places that guests ought to merely avoid traveling to. The Sinai Peninsula, for instance, is a region to that travel is very suggested against by the U.S. and U.K. governments. Serious crime is widespread within the region, emergency services are non-existent or have hassle accessing the remote locations, and Egyptian police and military forces are coping with frequent clashes with existent coercion cells in operation there. The Western Desert is likewise a region to that travel isn’t suggested for similar reasons of instability and danger. The borders with Sudan and Libya, apart from being quite rich the crushed path, are to be avoided because of significant military activity and therefore the state of the bordering nations.


All this being said, we tend to are still sometimes asked to style trips for daring travelers {including|as we tend toll as|together with} those regions – and tho’ we hate having to deny a request, Egyptian deity Tours takes a tough line on not traveling to those areas at all. the protection of our guests and employees is out and away the foremost vital factor to us.


There is, however, one idyllic sanctuary on the southern tip of the peninsula that we do provide travel to: the resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh. each the U.S. and U.K. governments acknowledge the fly-in-only vacation hotspot to be a noted exception to Sinai’s status, and take into account it beneath constant general consultive as other heavily popular components of Egypt. A bastion of recent luxury on the gorgeous Red Sea, Sharm El-Sheikh could be a world-class, tropical touristry destination jam-packed with fine restaurants, beautiful five-star hotels, and incredibly beautiful diving spots. we tend to might enter additional detail, however do it to mention that we’re delighted to be ready to take our Egyptian deity Tours guests there on our greatest Egypt visits in 2022 – whether we’re snorkel diving coral reefs, sunning on sandy beaches, or boating in luxurious relaxation.


However let’s not get too over excited simply yet. There are always, of course, the quality things to contemplate once traveling anywhere – it’s continuously vital to recollect that logic and due diligence are still the worldly adventurer’s most reliable allies. whether or not you’re leisure in Cairo, the geographic area of Luxor, and Aswan, or London and Paris, it’s smart to remember of the chance of anytime-anywhere travel difficulties like scams, the likelihood of tainted food, and environmental and we tend toather conditions – this on prime of the day-after-day of traffic, crowds, and money. this is often wherever we at Egyptian deity Tours are proud to indicate you the way we’re the most effective Egypt tour company in 2020. You’ll be ready to totally appreciate the splendid sights around you and rest assured that we tend to’ll beware of everything else. consider our Egypt initial timer’s guide.


“Mahmoud created sure we had the foremost perfect first time in Egypt! All our requests were taken into thought to customise an ideal itinerary. it absolutely was a dream and utterly seamless from the instant we arrived in Cairo. everybody from the flying field guide to our tour guides to our driver were kind, knowledgeable and invested with in ensuring we had a perfect trip- as well as accommodating further recommendations and requests equivalent to the best places to eat and extra sites to see. we tend to had a blast in Cairo and city and now solely want to return back and see additional of Egypt with Egyptian deity tours again.” Amanda, Marvelous tours Guest, Gregorian calendar month 2019


With our custom-made Egypt tours, we’re ready to set up as best as potential round the traffic and crowds. Our intimate with non-public Egyptologist guides understand the ins-and-outs of all the streets and sites (and they’re all degree-holding Egyptologists, to boot!), and they’re continuously up thus far on daily events and busy gatherings. enclosed in each Egypt luxury tour we design, your personal vehicle and personal driver means that ne’er having to modify taxis, directions, jammed buses, or subway maps.


Our city-savvy guides additionally understand wherever to search out the most effective eating choices for you, no matter your preferences. Authentic Egyptian food or pizza? Burgers, upmarket Italian, or the best koshary within the capital? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be keeping an eye fixed out for you for the total trip – you’ll have Associate in Nursing ally and ambassador whenever you wish one. once it involves dynamic cash from one currency to another, we’ll ensure things get taken care of properly. And when you’re ready to haggle for the worth of a bauble within the bazaar, we’ll offer you some pointers so you’ll sound sort of a pro. we tend to’ll facilitate usher you thru the proper lines, type through any requisite paperwork, and allow you to get on with immersing yourself in the wonderful surroundings.


Entrance to the temple of Karnak, Luxor, Egypt


“A completely marvelous expertise from starting to end! Mr. Mahmoud Gebril was a delight to figure with. We merely provided the length of your time we wanted for our vacation and therefore the primary points of interest. Mr. Gebril took that info and designed Associate in Nursing exceptional traveling expertise to Cairo and Luxor. we tend to were met at the flying field with roses and our handler took it from there. He took care of our Visas, baggage transport and obtaining through all necessary checkpoints. we tend to were supplied with glorious service by our personal airport handlers, drivers and guides. The hotels designated for our keep were 5-star and lovely. My family and that i have not been treated therefore well by a gaggle of individuals that were dedicated to creating our time in Egypt unforgettable. I extremely suggest Egyptian deity Tours for your next travel experience and that i will use their services again! because of all the guys!! (Ahmed, Cairo Sam, Ashe, city Sam). I do know that I unseen some names. Please forgive you, you we tend tore all awesome!!!” Egyptian deity Tours Guest, Gregorian calendar month 2020


Finally, we’d wish to flip straight to the amazing experiences of our guests because the best proof we have. consider our reviews on Trip authority and TrustPilot, and take a glance at our Facebook page – we’re excited to possess most positive feedback, and happier still to have provided unforgettable vacations to Egypt for our guests. And of course, be happy to induce in touch with our president and founder, Mahmoud Gebril.


Safe and happy travels!

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