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King Tut and Queen Nefertiti: Were They Buried Together?

King Tut and Queen Nefertiti: Were They Buried Together?

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Egyptian topographic point Still Holds Ancient Mystery


might Queen queen be resting in an exceedingly hidden chamber inside the tomb of King Tut?


King Tut and Queen Nefertiti, the search continues to be going on, within the world of Egyptology, discussion is raging regarding whether or not or not King Tut’s tomb could hold a hidden chamber containing the body of Queen Nefertiti. though Nefertiti was one among the foremost known ladies in ancient Egypt, her body has ne’er been found. might it are right underneath our noses the complete time? Let’s take a glance at this ancient mystery and why it is sparking a revived interest in Egypt visits and alternative business within the area.


Who Were King Tut and Queen queen?


Nefertiti was one among the foremost known queens of Egypt and therefore the spouse of the famous Pharaoh Ikhanaton throughout the period of time of the fourteenth century BC. Her name means that “a stunning woman has come” and in step with the legends she lived up to it name. The famous sculpture of her face, that is on show at the Neues repository in Berlin, is one of the most recognizable icons of Egyptian art with its high cheekbones, almond eyes ANd long sleek neck.


She wasn’t solely beautiful, she was additionally commanding, brace and powerful. She was represented on the tombs and temples designed throughout Ikhanaton’s reign in an exceedingly manner that was not seen before for any Egyptian woman. She is shown in positions of authority, smiting an enemy, leading worship and driving a chariot.


Akhenaten and queen dominated along during a disruptive time in religion. They rejected theism and declared that there was just one vital god – Aten the god of the sun. it’s aforementioned that the couple had a real romantic love for each alternative, that isn’t one thing that typically happened during this time of organized marriages.


 they’re one among the foremost known couples in ancient Egypt and any tour guide, from Egypt tours to budget tours, can tell you all regarding them.


The kinship group was a bit bit tangled and confusion. queen had six daughters with Akhenaten, who then went on to require other wives – together with his own sister. He fathered King Tut together with his sister.

King Tut was the offspring of brother and sister and it’s thought that this union might have given him a innate malformation still as creating him infertile. Nevertheless, he’s still the known ancient Egyptian pharaoh. He was born throughout the eighteenth kinfolk of Egypt’s New Kingdom and he had solely a brief reign – ruling for 8-9 years before dying of unknown cases. once his topographic point was discovered it had been implausibly important, because it was one among the few tombs that wasn’t raided by grave robbers.


the invention of King Tut’s tomb in 1922 within the depression of the Kings in the geographical region of metropolis came once English archeologist Egyptologist explore for seven years. once he finally stepped into the chamber full of gold splendor, the following media mania and “Egyptomania” would build a rare impact on the globe and cause many of us to dedicate their life to the study of Egyptology for the years to come.


queen’s third-born daughter, Ankhesenpaaten, became King Tut’s queen (as well as [fr1]-sister). Nefertiti is brought up as King Tut’s mother, however she is truly his stepmother. However, since King Tut married his half sister, Nefertiti is additionally his mother-in-law.


Nefertiti suddenly disappears from the record on the twelfth years of Akhenaten’s reign. No one is aware of of course why this was, however there are a couple of theories. She might have died, or she could are exiled once theism came back to popularity. Or, it’s attainable that she may need assumed the position of pharaoh, taking a replacement name and identity as a man. the mother of this known queen has ne’er been found.


A Discovery by St. Nicholas Reeves


In 2015, English archeologist Nicholas Reeves created a stunning announcement that he had seen proof of 2 antecedently undiscovered doorways whereas staring at high resolution scans of Tutankhamen’s tomb, additionally referred to as KV62.

one among the entrys is about inside a bigger partition wall and each of them appear to be untouched for several centuries. This doorway, still as other structural anomalies, suggests that there might be another chamber within. The doorway cowled|is roofed} with a cloth that’s totally different than the opposite walls around it. it’s a gritty material, that is comparable to fragments that were originally accustomed cover another blocked door that was opened by Egyptologist in 1922. However, uncovering this door may be a challenge – it is lined by a invaluable wall painting.


It might be attainable to form a small hole within the wall and introduce a fibre-optic camera, which might permit scientists to examine what’s inside. There have additionally been samples of conservators who are eminent in removing entire wall paintings while not damaging them. Or, there is also another resolution which will allow the archeologists to access the hidden rooms.


There have long been theories that there’s a lot of to King Tut’s topographic point than the body of the young ruler. several archeologists have determined that King Tut’s mask looks to own ear piercings, despite the fact that it had been not the style of the time for young men to wear earrings. This has junction rectifier to the idea that the topographic point and cast was originally designed for queen, however was used for Tut once he died suddenly at 19. In fact, Reeves even theories that the scenes within the tomb were originally painted of Nefertiti and therefore the figures were altered to appear like King Tut instead.


Egyptian scientists are trying to find Nefertiti’s mummy for several years. Since 2007 they need conducted genetic tests on sixteen royal mummies. They clad to be Tut’s grandparents, his spouse and his parents. Also, 2 mummified fetuses were found that were doubtless Tut’s stillborn daughters.


If Reeves were right regarding the hidden chamber, this might be one among the foremost important discoveries since the uncovering of Tutankhamen’s topographic point in 1922 by Howard Carter.


Results Still Unclear


Specialists are creating measuring device scans of the tomb, attempting to search out the hidden chambers. Mamdouh Eldamaty, the previous Minister of Antiquities in Egypt, declared that he was 90 certain that the chambers existed. Hirokatsu Watanabe, a radar specialist from Japan, meted out a series of radar scans that detected proof of silver and organic objects concealment behind the walls.


However, the claims from the measuring device scans are being challenged by variety of Egyptologists. Zahi Hawass, the previous minister of antiquities and one among the foremost students in Egypt, aforementioned that “Radar isn’t scientific.” He has criticized Reeves’s theory and has asked for a a lot of thorough investigation.

Since Watanabe’s radar scans several alternative consultants have studied the topographic point. National Geographic sent Alan Turchik (a mechanical engineer) and Eric Berkenpas (an electrical engineer). They scanned the walls of the tomb with 2 radar antennae at 5 different heights, scanning to detect depth and features.


They collected loads of information, that was sent to consultants in Egypt and therefore the USA for analysis. Some irregularities might be seen within the data initially glance, however it’s not clear-cut proof of anything. The hunt can continue this year, once a team of Italian researchers undergoes the foremost full investigation of the land site ever.


The team, from the tech University of Turin, will scan the topographic point over variety of weeks. this is often a part of an oversized project with a goal of conducting a whole physical mapping of the depression of the Kings. The cluster from the urban center University are going to be mistreatment ground-penetrating radar, still as magnetic induction and resistance imaging equipment. this can permit them to scan depths of up to thirty two feet in order that they’ll learn more data regarding underground structures.


the overall agreement is that there’s a ninety p.c probability there is “something” behind the walls of King Tut’s chamber. Nothing has been proclaimed yet, however if queen is found this might be the invention of the century.

This new discovery could spark more interest in Egypt luxury tours and historic themed visits. this can be a really important abundant required boost for the Egyptian business industry, as this is often a vital supply of foreign income and it’s endured several setbacks since the conflict that toppled the govt. of Hosni Mubarak in 2011.


Tips for Visiting King Tut’s topographic point, the depression of the Kings and therefore the metropolis geographical region


whether or not you’re on non-public radio-controlled tour of Egypt otherwise you are exploring independently, visiting King Tut’s Tomb is an absolute must. it’s one among the foremost spectacular and traditionally important sites of ancient Egypt. Here are some vital tips that you simply ought to detain mind once visit King Tut’s Tomb, the depression of the Kings, depression of the Queens, and therefore the geographical region of Luxor:


Wear layers. The Egyptian sun are going to be implausibly hot, however once you’re underground within the tombs it’ll be many degrees cooler. transfer a light-weight layer will make sure that you are comfy.

Wear comfortable walking shoes with sensible grip, as you’ll be covering loads of ground and walking on uneven stone.


it’ll value you an additional fee, cut loose the entrance fee to the depression of the Kings, to examine the topographic point of King Tut. it’s worthwhile – once else can you’ve got this opportunity?


the most effective tombs that are receptive the general public rotate, as they’re closed sporadically in a trial to preserve the wall paintings that are degraded by the humidness caused by numerous visitors.

The body of King Tut himself is truly command within the tomb. Carter wasn’t a really careful anthropologist and therefore the injury that he did to the mother (as well because the broken caused by others who visited the tomb once him) implies that it can’t be removed while not utterly destroying it.

If you’re unsure that tour company to travel with, you’ll investigate Egypt tour reviews on-line to examine the previous expertises of the guests.


If you are a part of a tour cluster you’ll most likely visit the depression of the Kings early within the morning. However, if you are with an freelance guide you may conceive to visit throughout the late afternoon to experience fewer crowds.

Bring on a flashlight, because it are going to be terribly useful for seeing the dark corners of the tombs.

Bring lots of water and wear a hat and ointment for the days once you are going to be outside walking between the tombs.

If you propose on defrayment a while at the tombs, bring some snacks. the sole food offered is at the traveler bazaar that’s close to the traveler center, that is sort of isolated from the tombs.


there’s a traveler Center at the depression of the Kings, which has bathrooms for visitors, a office and a motivating model of the complete area.

there’s alittle electrical train that will take you from the traveler center to the beginning of the tombs area. once it’s terribly hot, this small train is a lifesaver in order that you don’t got to come in the sweltry hour sun.


If you’ve got the time and therefore the energy, you would possibly need to require the Deir el-Bahri Walk for Queen Hatshepsut. This 45-minute journey isn’t too strenuous, however it needs solid footwear. it’ll reward you with beautiful views of the depression of the Kings and the fertile inexperienced plains aboard the banks of the Nile.


Seeing the depression of the Kings on one among best Egypt tours is that the absolute best thanks to see these stunning tombs. you’ll have the liberty to form your own schedule in order that you’ll see the sights that are most fascinating to you.


to find out a lot of regarding King Tut and queen and our Egypt tour packages, please contact North American nation today!

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