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Nefertiti – Beautiful and Powerful Queen of Ancient Egypt

Nefertiti – Beautiful and Powerful Queen of Ancient Egypt

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Queen Nefertiti and God Aten




Historians aren’t positive wherever Nefertiti’s origins lie or who her folks were, however the favored theory is that she was the girl of Ay, who later became pharaoh. Another theory is that Nefertiti was Tadukhipa, the Mitanni princess.


king and Nefertiti were acknowledged for his or her worship of the sun god Aten and that they started a non secular revolution. along they created a brand new belief system that modified the ways in which of faith at intervals Egypt. The country went through a significant modification – shifting to attend one god solely instead of being polytheistic and attend several gods.


round the twelfth year of Akhenaten’s rule, Queen Nefertiti disappeared from the historical records. There are some theories concerning what happened to her. Some historians believe she died of the Plague, whereas others believe that she took on a brand new identity as a person and become co-regent to the pharaoh. However, nobody is aware of as expected what the reality is behind the mystery of Nefertiti’s disappearance.


Queen Nefertiti


AN unforgettable Face


Nefertiti’s beauty has gone down in history, because it has been immortalized in an exceedingly famed bust – that is currently in the Neues Museums in Berlin. This painted arenaceous rock sculpture depicts Nefertiti with a sleek long neck, elegantly arched brows, a superbly proportioned face and almond formed eyes.


The bust is one among of} the foremost picture pictures from ancient Egypt and it shows the understanding that the traditional Egyptian sculptors had concerning facial proportions. the fashion of the art that flourished throughout now amount in ancient Egypt is extremely completely different than all alternative Egyptian art throughout the ages. it had been attributed to the creator Thutmose and it’s visited by more or less 500,000 guests every year.


Queen Nefertiti, one of the foremost famed Egyptian queens


Nefertiti Historic Sights in Egypt


Your guide will possible tell you tons concerning Nefertiti on your Egypt personal tours, as she was one amongst the most necessary figures in Egyptian history. Learning about the history of ancient Egypt and Queen Nefertiti will inspire you to go to the historic sites of this ancient land on Egypt vacations.


Famed bust of Queen Nefertiti


you may take a cruise down the river or a variety of alternative Egypt travel packages which will take you to several of the most famous destinations in Egypt as well as the Pyramids of Giza and also the nice Sphinx – all the whereas learning about the fascinating history of ancient Egypt. If you’ve got any questions on Queen Nefertiti or about Egyptian history and culture in general, you’ll be able to raise your professional tour archaeologist guide.

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