The city is divided into three parts. From southward you’ll find the port, the city, and Tarabin, the Beduin camp and beach strip where most backpackers .

Nuweiba offers diving and snorkeling from the camps and hotels. A small reef is located south of Tarabin, otherwise better snorkeling and diving is found at Ras Shaitan (Devils Head), a short car ride north of Tarabin. Other great scuba diving sites just a short drive from Nuweiba include South Cove a few kilometers to the north.

Short or longer camel treks can be arranged from the Bedouins at Tarabin. You can just ride along the beach or go into the mountain interior.

You can find also  treks to the Colored Canyon and a smaller Canyon trek closer to Nuweiba.

Visit Castle Zaman. On a hill just north of town, it serves as an oasis for trekkers and campers in the area. You can spend a relaxing day on a bean bag seeing an amazing view of the gulf and 4 countries.

Nuweiba City :

Main locations:

  1. Muzeina
  2. Port (Mina)
  3. Center
  4. Tarabin
  5. Ras Shaitan
  6. Bir Sweir.
  7. colourful valley


Many activities are related to the sea, such as diving, snorkeling and boat rides, but there are many other activities including camel and horse-riding, quad biking, safaris, excursions and Bedouin dinner under the stars.

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