Cairo Aswan Nile Cruises

Long of the Nile between Cairo and Aswan, you will have a wonderful experience in Egypt, have an incredible onboard deluxe Nile Cruises which combining tours along the Nile, to Pyramids in Cairo, Valley of the Kings in Luxor and Philae Temple in Aswan with more of historical sights which you can discover.

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East and West Banks of Luxor - Marvelous Egypt travel

    Pyramids & The Nile by Air

    8 Days

    Take a vacation and go to Egypt. There you will visit Luxor and Aswan as you can visit The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahari and The Temple of Philae and take a free tour inside them in…

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    Round Trip Nile Cruise and Pyramids marvelous egypt travel

      Nile Cruise and Hurghada

      8 Days

      Spend two days in Cairo, then a Nile cruise trip to Luxor and Aswan and visiting its sightseeing including Luxor and Karnak Temple and don’t forget to visit Hatshepsut Temple. At the end enjoy in Hurghada which is famous by…

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        Round Trip Nile Cruise and Pyramids

        9 days

        Egypt is the cradle of the civilizations, it is not only famous by the history of Ancient Egypt, but also it is enriched with the traces of the Coptic and Islamic civilizations found everywhere in Cairo City.  You will be…

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        Egypt Nile Cruise Travel - Marvelous Egypt Travel

          Jewel of the Nile

          10 Days

          Discover the old Egyptian history, starting with the great pyramids & sphinx in Cairo and Wonderful trip in Luxor and Aswan including Philae island, temple Luxor and karnak temple and another amazing site ends with Alexandria city bride of the…

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