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The City of Alexandria – All You You Need to Know Before You Go

The City of Alexandria – All You You Need to Know Before You Go

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If you’re trying to find a personal tour to Egypt, then a visit to legendary Alexandria could be a must. This lovely town on the Mediterranean merely resonates with the richness of its history Associate in Nursingd culture, and Egypt’s second largest city maintains an region juxtaposition between previous and new. referred to as ‘The Pearl of the Mediterranean’, Alexandria is each a contemporary industrial hub still as a desirable holidaymaker destination.


History of Alexandria


based by military icon Alexander the nice throughout the Hellenistic era, Alexandria presently become the Graeco-Roman capital of Egypt. qualitative analysis back to 331 BC, town was based as a link between ancient Greece and also the Nile, the watercourse that for hundreds of years had brought wealth into Egypt. Alexander believed the situation would sway be a defense for Greece, and the leader commissioned Dinocrates to style the layout for the new Hellenistic city.

still as Alexander the Great, the city is additionally synonymous  with the attractive Queen Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt and ruler of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. a stunning and tempting ruler, her life history was one among drama and tragedy.


Modern Alexandria


modern-day Alexandria could be a town that bustles with commerce and tourism, however the trade in no method detracts from its wondrous past. The city’s East Harbor is wherever a lot of of ancient Alexandria was located, and to require a walk round the water’s edge is to run back on thousands of years of history.




Alexandria is saturated with heritage, culture and architecture, and also the list of things for guests to envision and skill in one among their Egypt journeys in 2019 is long. There are best museums, the glorious library, Associate in Nursing opera house, an inordinateness of noted and necessary historical sites, and even a zoo. With such a large amount of fantastic choices you won’t be frustrated to go to the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’.




There are many top depositorys to visit during your keep in Alexandria, the foremost outstanding of that is that the National Museum. This exceptional museum showcases the various history of Alexandria, from the age of the pharaohs all through to the nineteenth century. additional of the city’s fine vary of museums embody The Royal jewellery Museum, The Cavafy Museum and also the Aquarium.




one among the foremost noted buildings in history, the initial Royal Library of Alexandria was the things of legend, a shining light-weight of the past till it absolutely was destroyed by hearth beneath mysterious circumstances. Once the most important library within the world, town lost its ‘symbol of knowledge’. However, in 2002 the new library of Alexandrina was completed and opened its doors for the first time. The ultra-modern library memorializes its predecessor, and is currently a stunning modern area wherever history, culture, philosophy, art and science move under one roof.

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina was inaugurated in 2002 close to the location of the previous library.


Pompey’s Pillar


Pompey’s Pillar could be a detached Roman vogue column inbuilt the middle of The Temple of Serapeum, flanked either facet by 2 healthy sphinx statues. Pompey’s triumphal Pillar is that the largest column ever built outside of Rome and is the solely example of its kind ever built. This glorious icon of Alexandria is simply one among the city’s vital historical treasures.


Alexandria light-weight House


The tower of Alexandria, additionally referred to as the beacon of Alexandria, was built between 280 and 247 BC, and have become a beacon of sunshine not solely within the physical sense, except for the for the ingenuity of {the Associate in Nursingcient|the traditional} world. Alexandria’s giant Mediterranean port was a big commercialism post, and also the want for a tower was paramount. At the time of its construction it absolutely was one among the biggest buildings in the world, and is taken into account by some students because the initial lighthouse in history. It stood for 1,600 years till an earthquake destroyed the most tower, however its foundations remain, and with The Temple of Tapporsis Magna placed nearby, the world is well price a visit.


Fort Qaitbey


Associate in Nursingother fascinating historical web site to go to whereas in Alexandria is Fort Qaitbey. inbuilt 1480 by swayer Qaitbey, a number of the remains of the tower wherever reconstituted within the construction of the fort, adding to its interest, and a visit to the imposing defence affords fantastic views across the harbor and also the passive waters of the Mediterranean.

Montazah Palace and Royal Gardens


An Egypt tours packages that has Alexandria can’t miss the Montaza Palace is currently a depository referred to as the Muhammad Ali folk Museum. The Muhammad folk dominated Egypt from 1805 to 1953, till Egypt became Associate in Nursing freelance republic. This fine depository showcases the history of that era, and to urge an improved perspective of the various heritage, culture and ancestry of Alexandria then the palace is a wonderful resource to visit. The palace’s Royal Gardens are currently a stunning public park and nature preserve, and also the near  Salamlek Palace has been reworked into a cultured hotel.


Roman Amphitheatre


close to the middle of Alexandria is that the Roman Amphitheatre, discovered whereas excavating the location of Paneion. The structure lies mostly in ruins, but those ruins are well preserved and stay a splendidly region example of classical Roman architecture.


Alexandria menagerie


If you’re considering any of Marvelous Tours journeys or Egypt luxury tours with children and that they want a possibility from their lesson then examine Alexandria zoo. there’s alittle entrance fee, however the well maintained zoo could be a nice place to relish the animals and relax together with your family.


Stanley Bridge


At solely a decade old, Stanley Bridge is a mere baby within the context of Alexandrian history. Nevertheless, the fashionable structure has become Associate in Nursing picture landmark, and locals and guests alike like to stroll across the sweeping cornice to relish its lovely views and fantastic image opportunities, particularly for weddings.


Maamoura Beach


situated simply east of the Royal Gardens of Montaza, the beach at Maamoura is taken into account one among the foremost fashionable holidaymaker attractions in Alexandria. Its lovely sett walkway is alive with food vendors and frozen dessert parlors and, sitting off from any main roads, the beach provides a peaceful respite from the spirited town and affords visitors gorgeous views of the Mediterranean.

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