Our story

In 2005 Mr.Shafek Gobran decided to start linking his business with his dream of showing the world different sides of Egypt at cultural, arts, places and civilization, so he founded Marvelous Egypt Travel which is an Egyptian full service agency specialize in all kinds of travel inside Egypt by professional service you can have at your trip, after four years of perfect profile  the agency had a license A+ from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and had certificate of the Association of Egypt Travel Agencies (ETTA).

Marvelous has 15 years of traveling experience, in the period after 25 revolution the agency stayed fighting the deterioration of the political and economic situation, by raising quality and building trust with different partners, and Creating a professional and specialized team in the tourism business that providing travelers with a complete travel services from A to Z. Marvelous market is so active at Europe, Latin America, North America and Australia, plus welcoming rest of the world.

At travel sector in Egypt Marvelous has advanced position by providing professional services to individuals, groups and VIPs like diplomats and businessmen, building the trust with customers is a priority, travelers safety, comfort and welfare are our first interest by professional travel services including airline, travel packages, meeting and assisting upon arrival and departure at airports with passports, customs formalities and transportation by deluxe vehicles.

On the same way of success Marvelous is the first Google partner in Africa, started with Google ads since 2005 advertising for the agency by 80 web applications, plus having an experience at SEO of traveling field. Soon the agency will launch (GDM) Gobran Digital Marketing to offer our experience to all corporates and businesses that needs top professional digital marketers to scale up their growth.


Marvelous Egypt travel offers a variety of travel services such as the followings:

Romance and honeymoon vacations

Imagine walking the powder-white sands of pristine Red Sea beaches. Feel the sun at your back and the sand covering your feet. Hear the waves. See the wide expanse of the sea.

Now picture the two of you discovering hand in hand breathtaking scenery on a sensational desert tour. Take in the heat of the day and see different desert hues as far as the eye can see until the day gives way to a moonlit night. The sound of oriental music is in the air, the stars are shining and you’re dancing by the camp fire.

Relaxation Trips

Sunbathe in exclusive Red Sea Riviera resorts or on the deck by a cool pool on a luxury Nile River cruise.

Surrender to the comforts of world renowned spas. Walk along pristine beaches and enjoy the sight of stunning coastal cliffs in the White Med.

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Marvelous Egypt travel is aiming to become the leaders of Travel sector in Egypt by delivering the Best Travel Experience for individuals and businesses. Interested in Culture exchange and present the cultural side of Egypt that has more than 7 thousand years. Becoming Egypt Culture hub for all Egypt Seekers around the world raise awareness of Egypt Beauty in the world and how deep Egypt culture is.

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Marvelous Egypt Travel seeking to provide customers and travelers with professional full service and offering suitable packages and prices, searching for best partners to make perfect trips in Egypt. High Quality Is Our Top Priority to provide services that fit the customers’ desires, budgets, and skill levels.