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Home to 1 of the world’s most vivacious and interesting ancient civilizations, Egypt is that the final travel destination. however with most to check and do, and safety considerations to consider, it will be tough to understand wherever to begin designing the proper trip to Egypt. Here’s your guide to Egypt and everything you wish to know before you book.

wherever to travel

Cairo: It’s big, abuzz and perennially traffic-logged, nonetheless Cairo remains one in every of the world’s most vibrant, fascinating cities. whereas it’s potential to squeeze key highlights together with the Pyramids of El Giza and also the Egyptian repository into one day, it’s well price payment a few of days within the capital to explore the Islamic quarter with its resplendent mosques and Khan el-Khalili souk, Coptic Cairo with its stunning churches and ancient ruins, and downtown Cairo with its vivacious food scene, hip galleries and colonial architecture. presently beneath construction, the Grand repository of El Giza are well worth many hours of some time once it opens in the coming back years.

city: The world’s largest out of doors museum, Luxor demands a minimum of several days of your Egypt tour. Your vale of the Kings price tag permits access to 3 tombs of your selection that are hospitable the general public (all shut sporadically for preservation purposes), tho’ it prices additional to go to the topographic point of Tutankhamen. everybody has their favorites, however the tomb of Thutmose III (#KV34) is taken into account the foremost subtle tomb open to the public.

Nearby, within the vale of the Queens, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is that the key draw, but there are several smaller, a lot of fantastically embellished tombs price seeking out reminiscent of the exquisite tomb of Nefertari

If you have got time to visit the vale of the Nobles, place the tomb of the ‘astronomer’ Nakht (#52) on your list. conjointly price a look-in is that the house of Egyptologist – British archeologist and Egyptologist who discovered the topographic point of Pharaoh of Egypt – that is currently atiny low museum.

city Temple and also the Karnak Temple complicated are handily placed right within the heart of city (on the proper bank of the Nile River), and Luxor also is a base for day visits to ancient temples on the Nile vale together with Esna, Edfu, Dendara, town and Kom Ombo.

Entrance to the temple of Karnak, Luxor, Egypt

Aswan: close aboard the banks of the Nile, the comparatively at ease city of metropolis is that the point of departure for each ancient sailing ship boat visits and a lot of luxurious stream cruises up to Luxor. A visit to the ruins of Philae – that was resettled to Agilkia Island within the Nineteen Seventies to preserve it from the rising waters created by the development of the dam – may be a must, as is a visit to the ethnos villages of large Island. Day trips to the 2 huge rock temples of Abu Simbel, close to Egypt’s border with Sudan, are potential from here.

Alexandria: caressing the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt’s second-largest town is light-weight on huge sights – highlights together with the Roman theatre, the Alexandria repository and also the painting library will be visited in a very day – however Egypt’s former capital also boasts some wonderful food restaurants similarly as an honest few crumbling colonial relics. Aqua-Lung diverse even have the chance to explore the ruins of the beacon lighthouse, one in every of the Seven Wonders of the traditional World. There are most more sighs in Alexandria as well.

Beach resorts: whereas there are several beach resorts dotted on the Sinai – reminiscent of the diving hotspot of Dahab – the resort of Sharm el-Shiekh is that the solely destination on the solid ground most foreign offices (including the United States of America Department of State) presently hold safe to visit. Back on the mainland, beach resorts together with Safaga and Hurghada supply an equivalent heat turquoise water and holidaymaker amenities within the Red Sea.

Sharm El tribal sheik Resorts, a number of the most effective Beaches in Egypt

What to expect in Egypt

It’s no secret Egypt has struggled to get tourists amid current regional unrest and with tourist arrivals slowly rise copy again, it’s a good time to go whereas holidaymaker sites stay blissfully uncrowded.

Egypt features a name for aggressive touts, however if you acquaint yourself with commonplace costs and stand your ground, you’ll be able to simply avoid being ripped off. Foreigners – particularly ladies – can expect to draw in a lot of attention than they’ll} be wont to fielding at home, but Egyptians are merely curious folk, and once you get chatting to locals you’ll notice that almost all are improbably friendly, kind and hospitable. Learning a number of words of Arabic may be a nice icebreaker – locals will appreciate your gesture to find out straightforward phrases reminiscent of marhabaan (hello), shukran (thank you) and la shukran (no impart you).

Egypt Nile River cruise ahead of Kom Ombo Temple

once to travel

Egypt may be a year-round  destination, however most guests arrange their trip throughout the cooler months from October to April. several non-Muslim travelers favor to avoid the month of Ramadan (which generally begins someday in May, but changes each year), during which period most food retailers shut during the day.


The United States of America Department of State advises travelers exercise accrued caution whereas touring Egypt because of the chance of terrorist attacks, but most visitors can notice Egypt no less safe than most huge United States of America cities. whereas several freelance travelers – together with solo ladies – have visited Egypt while not incident, many travelers feel easier traveling with an expert guide. Egyptian deity Tours offers nice choices for luxury Egypt tours are all crystal rectifier by experienced, honorable guides from the instant you arrive in Egypt till you sign in for your flight home.  

Guide to Luxor, Egypt

What to wear

What to wear once traveling in Egypt? we have a tendency to get asked this question a lot! Egypt is AN Islamic country, and neglecting to follow the acceptable codification is taken into account disrespectful. The shoulders and knees should be lined once venturing outside holidaymaker hotels, and article of clothing typically has to reach the ankles/wrists when visiting mosques. ladies must wear a headband when visiting mosques, however this is often not essential in different public places.

Before traveling to Egypt, take what to wear in Egypt for your comfort.

Food and drink

Egyptian culinary art shares several similarities thereupon of other jap Mediterranean countries, nonetheless Egypt boasts some uncommon – and delicious – dishes all of its own reminiscent of kushari, a combination of macaroni, rice and lentils mixed with a spicy spaghetti sauce and flat-topped with chickpeas, deep-fried onions and condiment that is wide thought of to be the national dish. You’ll notice in Egyptian deity Egypt tour packages the most important form of eating houses – together with Western-style restaurants – in central Cairo and Luxor. dish – created with fava beans instead of chickpeas – is ubiquitous, as are kofta and kebab-style meats. There are generally lots of feeder choices on each restaurant menu, tho’ grilled and rice-stuffed legumes tend to dominate over salads. check up on our guide for best restaurants in Cairo.

Egyptians are thought to be the primary civilization to brew beer, and whereas Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol, it will be purchased {at most|at the foremost} holidaymaker hotels, and at a couple of bars in Cairo and different tourist areas – the native Sakara Gold larger is arguably the most drinkable local brew. Alcohol is tough to return by throughout Ramadan, and imbibition publicly places is prohibited in the slightest degree times.

a lot of regarding Egypt

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