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Top and Best 10 Temples to Visit in Egypt | Best Egyptian Holidays

Top and Best 10 Temples to Visit in Egypt | Best Egyptian Holidays

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When designing your Egyptian holidays to a nation endued with such an expensive and various history, Egyptian deity Tours is here to help, and a part of our country’s fantastic heritage is clear in its inheritance of monument and temple building.

Such was the mastery of the traditional Egyptians, each within the prowess and engineering behind their splendid monuments, that several of them still stand today, giving guests a novel chance to run among the enigmatic stones that also resonate with the myths and mystery of those ancient lands.

There are actually many exalting temples to go to across the country, however we tend to at Egyptian deity Tours have place along an inventory of what we contemplate among the foremost distinctive and fascinating for your Egypt vacation.


Town Temple


thought of one in all the most important of all archeological sites in Egypt, town of Abydos, home to the temple of identical name, lies on the west of the river close to the trendy city of Al Balanya. Dedicated to the ruler Seti I, Abydos Temple is legendary for its sculpted inscription particularisation a list of the most sept pharaohs, from Menes till Seti’s father, Ramesses I.

There are several temples located in town, however the temple of Seti I is thought to be one in all the foremost exceptional ever made in Egypt, thanks to its spectacular carvings and historical importance.


God Egyptian deity with King Rameses in Abydos Temple


Dendera Temple


The temple complicated of Dendera is one of the simplest preserved of all such places in Egypt. At 40,000 sq. meters the positioning is vast, and with its several layers of Egyptian history in one site, Dendera can be tagged a fine example of beaux arts palimpsest.

the most temple of Hathor is spectacular, with its impressive hypostyle halls and superbly sculpted and adorned ceilings and columns. Of interest group is that the Dendera Zodiac, a shocking ceiling bas-relief rare in Egyptian art.


Ancient Egyptian Reliefs from Dendara Temple, Temple of god Hathor


Karnak Temple


chemical analysis from around 2055 BC, the Temple of Karnak in metropolis is one in all the foremost notable of all temples in Egypt, and with smart reason may be a must-see for anyone traveling to Egypt. Quite simply, Karnak Temple is magnificent.

Dedicated to the cults of Amun, square measure and Khonsu, it’s the biggest spiritual structure ever built, and one of the grandest. It remains exalting today, and as you come in the shadows of its giant hypostyle halls, attempt to imagine simply however impressive it’d have appeared over 4000 years ago. it’s believed that the good temple at the center of Karnak is thus immense it may hold the cathedrals of St Peter’s, Notre Dame and Milan among its walls.  


Entrance to the temple of Karnak, metropolis, Egypt


Luxor Temple


close on the east bank of The Nile River in Luxor, construction of the Luxor Temple was started by Amenhotep III around 1390 BC, and is taken into account one in all the foremost lovely in Egypt. With later additions by legendary pharaohs love Tutankhamun and Ramesses II, the temple at metropolis is made with historical significance. erst called Ipt rsyt, which means the ‘southern sanctuary’, the Luxor Temple was the holy of holies, wherever the principle God Amun resided.

Luxor temple at night. Horizontally. (Luxor, Thebes, Egypt)


Queen Hatshepsut Temple


called Djeser-Djeseru, or ‘Splendor of Splendors’, Queen Hatshesput’s mortuary temple lives up to its request joined of the most unimaginable in Egypt. With its multi-terraced courtyards and sweeping, picture columned halls, it’s a temple suited a rare nonetheless powerful feminine pharaoh. There are several samples of fine sculpture and sculpted reliefs at Hatshesput Temple, chemical analysis from 1480 BC, and may be a highlight of any of Marvelous’ Egypt luxury tours.


Queen Hatshepsut Temple within the geographical area of metropolis


Habu Temple


conjointly on the west bank of the river close to Luxor is that the mortuary temple of Ramesses III at Medinaet Habu. At over 450 feet in length, the most temple is vast, and similarly its size and beaux arts and artistic significance, Habu Temple is understood for its reliefs particularisation the defeat of the ocean Peoples of The Aegean Sea.

joined of the smallest amount toured sites around Luxor, a visit to the present special temple provides guests a novel and more intimate step back in time.

Colonnade of king Rameses in Habu temple, Luxor, Egypt


Ramesseum Temple


If you’re traveling to Egypt, the Ramesseum Temple may be a must-see site. Dedicated to Rameses II similarly because the God Amun Ra, the Ramesseum is massive. the inside Hypostyle hall is vast, and adorned on its remaining twenty nine columns are the sculpted scenes of the legendary battle of Kadesh and also the Syrian wars. the simplest preserved statues are found within the second courtyard, similarly as 2 rows of Egyptian deity columns representing Ramesses II. The Ramesseum is additionally familiar for having the world’s initial arches.


Nice Hypostyle Hall and clouds at the Ramesseum Temple Temples in Luxor, Egypt.


Edfu Temple


designed later than several of Egypt’s temples, The Temple of Egyptian deity in Edfu is taken into account one in all the best preserved. however as a result of it’s still inbuilt the fashion of traditional architecture, guests get a stunning shot of however most temples once looked.

situated concerning sixty miles south of Luxor, Edfu Temple offers visitors several highlights, not least its monument pylons, the columned Birth House, Associate in Nursingd its subtle system of lighting that gives an part after-dark experience.


Ancient temple Edfu in Egypt, Entrance read


Komombo Temple


simply north of town of urban center is that the distinctive Hellenic temple of Komombo. It’s unique as a result of it’s technically a double temple, dedicated to each Sobek, the crocodilian reptile god, and also the falcon-headed god Horus.

fascinating fact: the positioning was once a coaching center for African war elephants.


Kom Ombo temple, it’s dedicated to the god Sobek the crocodile-headed god and God Harroris


Philae Temple


assail a rocky island within the river close to town of Aswan, the Temple of Isis is one in all Egypt’s most enigmatic temples. Isis, better half of Egyptian deity and mother of Horus, was a major character in Egyptian history, and used her sorcerous powers to bring Marvelous back to life when he was dead by his brother Seth, and turning into called the ‘giver of life’ and ‘protector of Kings’, the cult of Isis unfold all across ancient Europe.


The Philae Temple in urban center


By victimization the immense expertise and expertize of our ardent guides throughout one in all our several Egypt tour packages, we tend to at Egyptian deity will assist you create the foremost of some time in our lovely country.

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