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Top Egypt Destinations for History Lovers

Top Egypt Destinations for History Lovers

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There are myriad Egypt destinations to settle on once designing your Egypt target-hunting tour, and with such a big amount of foremost historical sites and monuments, we have a tendency to at Marvelous Tours are here to help.




Cairo could be a multi-cultural melting pot of traditions and religions, and tourists will explore a spread of ancient sites. Architecturally various churches abound. The Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Eastern Orthodox is thought because the Hanging Church as a result of it had been designed on top of a Roman fortress, and therefore the spectacular religious residence of Saint Simon, The Cave Church of the Zabbaleen, creatively reconstituted the natural terrain.

Cityscape seen from the Cairo Tower – the sixth Gregorian calendar month Bridge and therefore the Nile River, fragment of Gezira Island (in foreground) and Downtown Cairo (in background), Egypt. Cairo

within the someone quarter is that the house of God of the Levantines, which, in step with native traditional knowledge was designed on the location wherever baby Moses was found.

within the heart of contemporary UNESCO standing Cairo lies the traditional center of the Islamic world. Since the tenth century Cairo’s mosques, non secular schools, bathtub homes and public facilities have drawn pilgrims from across the center East, and remains a requirement see city on any Egypt tour packages. In Cairo you’ll additionally see the Egyptian deposit and for food lovers there are superb options, check our guide for best restaurants in Cairo.

near  is known Giza, home of the good Pyramids, and to ascertain one amongst humankind’s greatest accomplishments up shut is to witness the oldest and most picture wonders of the traditional world, to not mention the imposing sculpture of the good Sphinx.




Divided by the Nile River, Luxor is known for the town of the Living on the East Bank and therefore the town of the Dead on the West Bank.

The East Bank’s museums are excellent. the stylish El-Aksur deposit is spacious and ambient, and guests will marvel at prime quality artifacts, as well as superbly displayed statues of Rameses and Akhenaten.

Luxor Temple, an outsized Ancient Egyptian temple, East Bank of the Nile, Egypt. UNESCO World Heritage

Ancient Egyptians mummified deceased bodies so that they may dwell within the realm of the gods in the afterlife, and in the tiny however informative deposit of Mummification visitors can study the grisly, difficult process.

The West Bank’s legendary Valleys of the Kings and Queens provide guests the distinctive and persistent chance to quite virtually step back thousands of years into an excellent past. Nearby, one amongst the simplest samples of temple design within the ancient world is that the glorious Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, with its spectacular terraced colonnades and elaborately graven columns and statues. There most additional to try and do and see in El-Aksur, cross-check our guide to Luxor to seek out out more concerning wherever to remain in Luxor, eat, and shop.

Sphinx stuatue of the sphinx alley of the Luxor Temple, an outsized Ancient Egyptian temple, East Bank of the Nile, Egypt. UNESCO World Heritage




obscurity is that the great thing about the Nile additional visible than in the city of Aswan. Life appears to possess stood still on the banks of the famed river, as kids and buffalo play and wallow in the shallows, whereas farmers and therefore their wives tend crops and wash garments on the shores of the invigorating river.

A Typical read of the riverside of the river

giant Island features a made history of archeological finds. With museums, and the remains of monuments, as well as the Temple of Khnum, the ram-headed creator-god, the island could be a wonderful exposure of Egyptian history.




one amongst the best Egypt destinations is Abu Simbel. With large rock-hewn statues of Rameses guarding the temples’ entrance, guests get to play IN Jones as they explore the inspiring  interior.

victimisation their immense experience, Marvelous Tours has place along some wonderful Egypt non-public tours to relinquish you the foremost complete and profitable visit to Egypt, an exquisite and foremost out-of-door museum. You can also cross-check our 1st timer’s guide to Egypt for additional information concerning our luxury Egypt tours and Egypt best tours.

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