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Top Sites to Visit While Cruising the Nile

Top Sites to Visit While Cruising the Nile

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The Nile River river—iconic associated life-giving, it’s been the middle purpose of Egyptian civilization for thousands of years. Cruising the Nile is a crucial a part of any trip to Egypt whether or not you’ve been on a luxury Egypt tour before or you’re considering an Egypt personal tour package for the primary time, we have a tendency to can’t suggest a additional good expertise than cruising the Nile between urban center and Aswan. Over a leisurely few days of lavish relaxation, you’ll encounter ancient surprise when wonder as you sail past palm-fringed farmlands and sweeping sand dunes, with the Nile fulgid all around beneath the good Egyptian sun. If you’re connexion U.S.A. on one in all our Egypt vacations 2021, let’s take a glance at the sensational sites you’ll see on a Nile River cruise.


East Bank of urban center


Our journey begins in Luxor, once the seat of the traditional city of Thebes. Before we have a tendency to even taken off on our cruise, there are several unimaginable things to witness during this immediate area. Here, we are going to pay it slow obtaining accustomed to the mighty Nile, as ferries shuttle us back and forth between Luxor attractions on the West and East banks of the river.

On the eastern bank of Luxor, you’ll notice a radical mixture of ancient, historic, and fashionable all standing aspect by side. Take a step into Egypt’s colonial past with a visit to the Sofitel Winter Palace Hotel, Luxor’s notable riverside luxury resort and one in all the most effective historic hotels in Egypt. based in 1905, the palatial property later became the middle of the media sensation encompassing Howard Carter’s excavation of King Tutankhamun’s spot within the Twenties in the vale of the Kings, as progressive updates to the dig were proclaimed to the transnational press groups announce there.

Steps aloof from the hotel is that the imperial urban center Temple, the 14th-century before Christ advanced made not for a particular deity, however rather for the elevation of the ruler to godhood throughout the pageant of Opet. designed primarily by Tutankhamun and Ramses II (you’ll notice his image widespread within the statuary here), the temple’s often-pictured fortified front wall offers thanks to dozens of Brobdingnagian columns receding into the temple’s furthest chambers—an particularly placing scene to walk through during the fantastically well-lighted evening tours.

Once connected to Luxor Temple by a 3-kilometer avenue lined with graven sphinxes, the vast Karnak Temple advanced is an enormous, monumental non secular compound, rivaled in size solely by the temples at Angkor Wat. Construction at Karnak began throughout the reign of Senusret I within the twentieth century before Christ and continuing for nearly 2 thousand years, yielding a sprawling multitude of elaborate and Brobdingnagian monuments – like the good Hypostyle Hall, that options a dozen arenaceous rock columns topping out over twenty meters tall, among over 100 others of lesser height.


geographic area of urban center


Taking a ferry across the mighty Nile River river, we have a tendency to arrive in the deserts of the West Bank of Luxor, packed with unchanged historical wonders. Buried to a lower place the crooked sands and tunneled into the hillsides are over sixty royal tombs from ancient Thebes’ distant past, comprising the notable vale of the Kings. With relic-laden sites geological dating back as so much because the 1500s BC, this land site has been a hotbed of archaeologic study for decades, and is standard for its famous tombs – like the gilded sepulchre of young King Tutankhamun, or the brightly illustrated passages of Ramesses IV’s tomb.

a good bigger variety of noble burials lay within the next gully over the hills, simply southwest from the vale of the Kings – another necropolis for nobility known as the vale of the Queens. Home to over ninety spots, the vale of the Queens is that the secluded resting place for its historical feminine namesakes similarly as princes, princesses, and different high nobles. Of explicit note here is the unmissable tomb of Queen Nefertari, a jaw-droppingly spirited and adorned sepulchre typically referred to as the “Sistine Chapel of Egypt.”

more wonders pullulate with the area – the prosaic-but-preserved worker’s village at Deir al-Medina and also the well-found Tombs of the Nobles, the commanding Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and the jumbo Colossi of Memnon. It will all be a great deal to examine on a bunch tour, however it’s a cinch once you’re on our Egypt custom luxury tours.


Temple of Khnum at Esna


outward-bound urban center on the stream Nile River, you’ll cruise upstream towards Assouan on your luxury Egypt tour – about thirty miles away, we have a tendency to encounter the fashionable city of Esna, that holds a part secret to a lower place its lands. throughout Ptolemaic and so later Roman rule, a temple was designed here to honor Khnum, the goat-headed god of the Nile who created the world’s peoples on his potter’s wheel. Curiously, the temple was made virtually ten meters below ground – and then, someday after the third century AD, fully abandoned. Esna temple is one in all best off the crushed path temples in higher Egypt.

As virtually 2 thousand years of shifting sands lined the temple, the fledgling town of Esna – Latopolis, because it was glorious back then – grew dominate the forgotten shrine. Today, the bulk of the temple continues to be buried beneath the contemporary city, however the fantastically preserved hypostyle hall has been excavated and opened to the public.

Inside, the stone roof is command twelve meters overhead by twenty-four stout columns, every embellished in its own distinctive variety of beaux arts flourish. The ceiling bears illustrations of ancient Egyptian natural philosophy aboard Roman zodiac imagery, and texts inscribed on the columns cowl details of the non secular festivals in Latopolis and also the emperors’ conferences with the gods. raise your guide to assist you decipher the meanings of the opposite individual inscriptions found on the walls here – including atypical hymns to Khnum and hints at other nearby, as-yet-undiscovered temples.


Edfu Temple


a bit more up the Nile River from Esna, the same story plays enter grander fashion. At Edfu, silt from the rising Nile and drifting dunes from the desert lined a Ptolemaic temple for centuries, whereas town within the space developed higher than the blanketed ruins. once excavations were undertaken in the mid-19th century AD, the invention waiting beneath the protecting sands was phenomenal.

The now-unearthed Edfu Temple remains the second-largest temple altogether of Egypt, and is arguably the best-preserved of any ancient Egyptian structure. an enormous pylon fronts the complex, a sheer fencing jutting skyward over thirty stories, emblazoned with outsized reliefs of Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos smiting his enemies. The entry through the fortification is stoically guarded by 2 Brobdingnagian stone falcons – representations of Horus, the falcon-headed god to whom the compound is dedicated.


designed over the course of virtually two hundred years starting around 237 BC, the particulars of the temple’s workaday operations and construction are standard because of the superb state of the uncounted inscriptions covering the walls. simply off one aspect of the large hypostyle hall – a majestic sight in its own right – a library space sits while not its certain collection, however with the complete catalog of its ritual texts carven by title onto the walls. Across the way, laboratory chambers provided areas for creating sacred salves and oils, with ingredient lists and recipes sculpted in detail directly into the designed stone. At the guts of the temple, hieroglyph-covered walls encompassing the inner sanctuary describe the temple’s construction and history – these Building Texts continue at length on the so much exterior walls, and describe the functions of the twenty-odd rooms throughout the complex, from the vestry to the river-measuring Nilometer.

Between the timeline-shifting atmosphere created by the improbably intact ceilings and also the wealth of knowledge to digest, you’ll wish to abate and revel in each side of the expertise at Edfu Temple. With our Egypt personal tour packages, take all the time you need, and let your personal Egyptologist guide unravel the stories written all around you.


Temple of Kom Ombo


With large arenaceous rock pillars standing tall atop a rising riverside dune, the Temple of Kom Ombo is associate unmissable sight. tho’ earthquakes and flooding – not to say later stone-borrowing construction projects – have ravaged a good deal of the complex, this eminent triple colonnade entry remains wondrously intact, and provides the primary hint at the curious and distinctive style of the doubled Temple of Kom Ombo.

uncommon among any modern designs, the Temple of Kom Ombo was dedicated to 2 separate deities, and was designed symmetrically on a central axis to honor them each equally beneath one roof. The three-columned entrance of the temple splits the advanced showing neatness in 2 along the center line of columns, delineating two nearly identical halves – each complete with reflected antechambers, hypostyle hallways, and sanctuary rooms for the revered gods.


The northern aspect of the temple is that the reach of the falcon-headed god Haroeris, or Horus the Elder, who is canonised in various stone reliefs aboard his mate Tanesetnofret and son Panebtawy. On the southern 1/2 the temple, inscriptions and illustrations honor Sobek, the crocodile-headed god of fertility and creation, conjointly featured along with his consort Hathor and son Khonsu. Pictured throughout the advanced are the Ptolemaic kings, from Ptolemy VI Philometor to Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator, who designed the comparatively young structure throughout the first and ordinal centuries BC.

Before departing, make certain to duck into the intimate and informative crocodilian reptile Museum, that includes simply some of the many mummified reptiles found buried round the temple grounds. examine our post concerning the animals of ancient Egypt here.




we have a tendency to reach the tip of our luxurious Nile River cruise as we approach the active city of Aswan, wherever the spirited bourgeois hub holds sway over the river’s 1st cataract. This was the southmost reach of ancient Egypt, a borderlands city from that military campaigns were launched, trade flourished, and also the Nile River breathed life into the remainder of the nation.


1st we’ll create our well beyond town to the island of Agilika, where rests the Temple of Isis – the resettled Temple of Philae, a tour to Phiale temple is one in all the highest tours to try and do in Aswan. This last example of classical Egyptian design was first erected in 690 BC, and originally stood more south during a watery expanse that was once the island of Philae. The completion of the primary levee in 1902 modified the temple’s venue from a rocky outcrop into a seasonally submerged site, occasionally giving tourists the prospect to float through the columned courts of Isis in a dahabeya. With the development of the Assouan High Dam within the 1960s, the temple would have Janus-faced an Atlantean fate—were it not for an enterprising engineering project that resettled the whole 20,000 ton temple downstream to the island of Agilika.

currently with its 40,000 blocks reassembled stone by stone, tourists will once more practise the 18-meter entrance pylon and explore the column-studded yard by foot. whereas the temple to Hathor simply outside of the most hall was possible a cooperative construction, the numerous Christian crosses carven over older inscriptions within the Temple of Isis show the amendment in use of the structure over the years. On the island’s jap edge, construct the picture-perfect Trajan’s Kiosk, an iconic, however uncompleted temple created notable by Victorian-era painters.


Back in town, the trade city’s largest market may be a constant windstorm of activity and ado. You can notice something and everything here, from ethnic group handicrafts to shockingly “lifelike” recreations of these mummified crocodiles – plus, additional spices than you possible knew existed and thirst-quenching mallow tea. examine our post concerning the Nubian monuments and Nubian folks here.

That’s a fast look at the temples and treasures that you’ll see whereas traveling the Nile River between urban center and Aswan. trying to avoid the cruising crowds? we are able to conceive to have an infatuated driver escort you by personal automotive to every of those sites on your own personal schedule—no shipping timetables required. Your unimaginable vacation is intended precisely however you’d am fond of it on our Egypt best tours.


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