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Touring the Gods of Ancient Egypt

Touring the Gods of Ancient Egypt

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You’ve detected concerning the movie, currently come back and see the $64000 factor for yourself with our Egypt best tours! the traditional Egyptians believed in God Amun RA, the sun god, they believed that the sun god dies a day within the west and comes back once more to life each morning in the east, and that’s however ancient Egyptians began to consider the afterlife.

With the discharge of the journey fantasy film, “Gods of Egypt” we’ve provided a custom Egypt tour which will take you thru eight of Egypt’s most renowned – and interesting gods. With Egyptian deity Tours you can tour of Egypt gods you’ll be able to study ancient Egyptian gods and learn about ancient Egyptian history. Our Egypt tour that concentrate on the Gods of Egypt is named “Gods of Egypt Luxury Tour Package”, check it out here.

God Amun Ra

the primary and main god in ancient Egypt was God Amun Ra, the Pyramids builders who lived throughout the previous Kingdom believed within the God Amu Ra. God Amun is represented in the Pyramid texts because the primaeval creator and image of inventive force.

The worship of God Amun Ra rose in ancient Egypt once the Hellene ruler Ahmose I with success expelled the Hyksos from Egypt, then he began to show his feeling to God Amun Ra. throughout the center Kingdom, the royalty established temples to God Amun Ra.


God Amun Ra was delineated as a ram, that was a logo of fertility in ancient Egypt. throughout the New Kingdom, he accustomed be depicted as a pharaoh carrying his double crown (red and blue crowns) and sitting on his throne along with his adult female immortal Mut, and Their son, God Khunsu.

Alexander the nice and his followers the Ptolemaic and Roman modified the image of God Amun Ra a little, they accustomed show him as a bearded man to see the knowledge that comes from him.

urban center was the middle of Amun Ra throughout the New Kingdom, it had been (and still) divided into a pair of banks, the East Bank and also the West Bank (East & West of the watercourse river).

The East Bank wherever they engineered Karnak and Luxor temples, all standard of living activities used to be within the side of the Nile as a result of the sun rises/comes to life in the east.

With our Egypt luxury tour, you’ll be able to wander round the west bank, and see however they engineered their topographic points reminiscent of vale of the Kings (where the tomb of King Tut), vale of the Queens, vale of the Nobles, and vale of the Workers.

Egyptian deity

within the west bank, you may study God Anubis, the god of mummification. Anubis is delineated in an exceedingly prototyped image as a person with the top of canid holding a divine scepter carried by kings and gods.

In Ancient Egypt, Anubis was referred to as the god of the dead, however later his role was taken by God Egyptian deity as he became rather more well-liked than Anubis.

the traditional Egyptians select the canid to be their god of mummification as a result of they hoped to invoke him to guard their deceased from jackals and alternative desert animals.

area unit

within the east bank of urban center, get pleasure from a non-public target-hunting tour to Egypt together with Karnak and Luxor temples, wherever you’ll be able to study immortal area unit, who accustomed be delineated as a women, generally with wings, or a vulture carrying the crowns of royalty.

The worship of goddess Mut rose throughout the New Kingdom time throughout the golden era of her husband, god amun Ra.

Ancient Egyptians accustomed celebrate the Opet Festival, one amongst the foremost celebrated pageants in ancient Egypt. the traditional Egyptians used to carry alittle boat with the golden sculpture of area unit and saild within the river from Karnak to urban center temples.

This festival was referred to as the honeymoon for God Amun Ra and his adult female immortal Mut.


whereas sailing down the River Nile from Luxor to Aswan in one of the Nile cruises, you may get to get pleasure from a custom non-public tour to Edfu temple, the simplest-preserved temple in Egypt. In Edfu, study immortal Hathor, she was is aware of because the goddess of beauty and patron of the cosmetic arts. Check our post concerning the way to select the best river cruise in Egypt here. 

Hathor was the adult female of God Egyptian deity, the falcon headed god. She accustomed be delineated in several pictures together with a cow, girls with cow ears, or a try of chic horns. She was invariably depicted in red, that used to see the colour of passion.


In Edfu temple, the story of God Egyptian deity and his dangerous uncle, God Seth isn’t to be missed. Horus, the Falcon headed god, Horus is nearly the sole god that was appeared as a neighborhood god in several places and below completely different names.

Horus was the son of Marvelous, the god of afterlife. Hours had bear an extended war with Seth, who was a logo of evil, and at last hours defeated Seth however sadly he lost his left eye in one amongst the battles.

throughout the time of Alexander the nice and his followers, the Ptolemaic, Horus was known with Apollom and his city of Edfu was referred to as Apollionoplis.

once enjoying Edfu temple, sail down the river towards Aswan and revel in a non-public target-hunting tour to Komombo temple, wherever you’ll be able to study God Sobek.


Sobek is delineated within the physique and crocodilian reptile face.

Ancient Egyptians who traveled and worked by the River Nile were terribly frightened of crocodiles in order that they hoped if they prayed to Sobek, he would defend them from the crocodiles.

All the temples that were built for God Sobek, it had been inbuilt areas where crocodiles were common.

once visiting Kom Ombo temple, enjoy visiting the crocodilian reptile repository to envision tens of mummified crocodiles as ancient Egyptians accustomed mummify it and place if in coffins within the temple to guard it.

Egyptian deity

visit Aswan and revel in a luxury tour to Philae temple to find out concerning God Marvelous. God Marvelous is that the god of once life within the ancient Egyptian civilization and also the chief of the court. He was one amongst the foremost vital gods of ancient Egypt. God Marvelous was the god who guides Egyptian pharaohs to travel through the lifetime court and reach to the paradise.

God Egyptian deity had a conflict story along with his brother god Seth. God Seth submerged Marvelous, additionally Seth torus his body to fourteen items and scattered all over Egypt.

His adult female the immortal of magic explore for his body and brought him back once more to life and that they remarried and got Hours, the falcon headed god. Marvelous’s son, God Egyptian deity fought against Seth and won once an extended war.


Wander round the Egyptian repository along with your non-public guide and explore the history of God, Aton. Aton was delineated because the sun disk with rays reaching to the earth. With human hands comes at the tip of sunrays and infrequently extended the ankh to the pharaoh.

there’s no thanks to mention God Aton while not its biggest promoter or king Akhenaten. once king Akhenaten started attend God Aton, he arrived variant troubles with the monks of God Amun RA, the priests in ancient Egypt had a serious power.

once the connection between Akhenaton and Hellene priests started obtaining strained, king Akhenaten did his non secular revolution, he had to go away Thebes (Luxor) as a result of it had been the middle of the God Amun Ra religion and Nefertiti, his adult female left with him.


Nefertiti wasn’t simply a wife for male monarch however she was his life partner and his solely supporter once everybody was against him for dynamic the most religion of the Thebes, religion of God Amun Ra.


once the death of Akhenaten, Nefertiti supported King Tut to require over and management the country as a result of she was undergone than Tut’s real mother because of her while in rule with Akhenaten and also the royal family.


the faith of God Aton virtually stopped after the death of ruler Akhenaten.

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