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Traveling to Egypt and Sailing Down the Nile Like a Pharaoh

Traveling to Egypt and Sailing Down the Nile Like a Pharaoh

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The Stuff of Legend


If you propose on traveling to Egypt, a cruise on the Nile is solely unmmisable; due to all the world’s nice stream cruising opportunities none are additional mindful  than a cruise on the glorious Nile River. Dissecting the desert from south to north till it spills its placid waters into the japanese Mediterranean, the longest river within the world is that the stuff of legend. whereas the river’s supply remains disputed, what has ne’er been doubtful is the importance of the river in Egypt’s long and made history, and its invigorating waters are revered and honored for thousands of years, not least by the pharaohs.


We’ve all seen movies with painting scenes of the beautiful Queen queen regnant cruising with royal grace over the Nile’s calm waters, however you too might follow in her wake with a luxury tour to Egypt and luxuriate in a luxury Nile cruise of your own. By selecting one among our tailor created Egypt best tours, you and your traveling party will expertise what it absolutely was prefer to live as a pharaoh, but with all the advantages of contemporary day luxury.


The Epitome of Tranquility


A cruise on the Nile is that the epitome of tranquility, and from the comfort of your gorgeous cabin or below the sun higher than decks you’ll be able to relax and watch the globe go by, waving to the smiling children enjoying on the shores and admire the farmers cultivation their fields nearby. Life on the banks of the Nile has altered very little over millennia, because the life giving waters of the very important stream still flow and convey sustenance to the Egyptian folks because it has done since time immemorial.


A Nile cruise able to sail down the Nile. better part to try to to whereas traveling in Egypt


A woven  Tapestry of Nature


the colours of the Nile are distinct. Blue grey waters lap gently against the burnt orange of the unclean banks or the abundant greens of tall reeds that glow against the unbroken pigment skies above, all to make a woven tapestry of nature unchanged since the time of queen regnant herself.


A History Lover’s Dream


Our tremendous cruises sail between the traditional town of metropolis and Aswan, each unforgettable destinations in their own right. Luxor may be a history lover’s dream, with such a lot of legendary tombs and temples, most notably the Temple of Karnak and also the Valleys of each The Kings and Queens. To explore metropolis is to virtually step back in time.


Edfu Temple, The Cult of The Gods


situated on the Nile’s geographical region at the mid-way purpose on the cruise is that the painting Edfu Temple, dedicated to a triad of Gods; Horus, Hathor and their son Hor-Sama-Tawy. the most temple features a 37m pylon, thought-about the best living pylon in Egypt today, and is adorned with fantastically engraved battle scenes honouring those Gods.


Ancient temple Edfu in Egypt, Entrance read


Temple of Kom Ombo


Aswan, famed for it’s trendy High Dam, is home to the Temple of Kom Ombo, Associate in Nursing uncommon double temple created throughout the Ptolemaic dynasty, 180-47 BC. Kom Ombo is devoted to Sobek the crocodilian god and Horus the falcon-headed god, and is one among the numerous gorgeous temples you’ll expertise if you decide on one of our Egypt tour packages whereas cruising down the Nile sort of a pharaoh.


Kom Ombo temple, it’s dedicated to the god Sobek the crocodile-headed god and God Harroris

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